Beibut Shumenov Wins Snow Leopard Award

LAS VEGAS  – World Boxing   Association (“WBA”) and International Boxing Association (“IBA”) light   heavyweight World champion Beibut   Shumenov returned home

 this week to receive one of the highest awards   presented by the Republic of Kazakhstan, the “Barys (Snow Leopard) Award   III.”

Normally given to   political and military dignitaries, the “Barys Award” recipients are   personally selected by President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev for   internationally promoting Kazak culture through, in Shumenov’s case, his   accomplishments in sports.


Introduced in 1999,   the “Barys Award” is presented to individuals for service in strengthening the   State System and Sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan, guaranteeing   peace, consolidating the community and unity of the people of Kazakhstan in   state, industrial, scientific, socio-cultural and public activity, and   consolidating cooperation among peoples, rapprochement and inter-enrichment of   national cultures.


The ceremony was   held this past Wednesday at the White House of Kazakhstan, Ak-Orda, in the   capital of Astana during the 20th anniversary celebration week of   Kazakhstan’s independence.

“I am very humbled   to receive this prestigious award,” Shumenov said.  “I never dreamed of being honored like   this. I would like to sincerely thank President Nazarbayev and his staff, as   well as all people of Kazakhstan, most especially my family to whom I am so   grateful for everything.”

Shumenov (12-1, 8   KOs), a 2004 Kazakhstan Olympian, will soon announce his next title defense   and continue his quest to unify the world light heavyweight   championship.