Ben Doughty Uncovers Lost Mitch Green Interview

The Other Lost Mitch “Blood” Green Tape

Way back in February 2003 British boxing pundit & polymath Ben Doughty managed to secure an interview with Mitch Green in his South Jamaica, Queens home. He is perhaps best remembered for a 1988 street fight with Mike Tyson. Nearly 11 years later Doughty has managed to recover what, for fans of the Tyson phenomenon & historical space he occupies , will be an intriguing insight into the life & times of a man whose name is indelibly linked – for both his legally sanctioned & entirely illegal run ins with Iron Mike Tyson.

Green lost a ten round decision to Mike Tyson in 1986 on HBO, in easily his best known fight. Green had complained vehemently of the disparity in purses. A day before the fight, Green learnt he was being paid $30,000.00 to Tyson’s $200,000-$250,000.00 (reports vary). Green even threatened to pull out of the fight entirely – demanding more money.

The fight itself was a moral victory of sorts for Green who, despite losing 9 out of 10 rounds on two judges scorecards became only the second fighter ever to take Kid Dynamite the distance. Green was so aggrieved by the perceived financial injustice he would not return to the ring until 1993. Remarkably one notes that Green was actually entering the ring that night back in 1986 as the higher rated – by the WBC – heavyweight – Green being the #7 ranked contender; whilst Tyson – continuing his meteoric rise through the ranks was that organisation’s #8 at the time.

Below is the trailer to what will be a 15 minute special from Doughty on his most interesting meeting with one of heavyweight boxing’s most interesting characters over a decade ago.

Matt Hamilton

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