Bernard Hopkins On Pacquiao: “I Don’t Think He Will Ever Be The Pacquiao That He Was”

In a recent interview with Jim Rome of Showtime, Bernard Hopkins touched on the topic of Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV, and what the knockout could mean for Manny’s future.

“That’s the type of punch that takes more than one fight out of you. It takes a couple of fights out of you. It’s one of those types of knockouts that you can recover from in life, but I don’t think you can recover fully in the sport. That was a devastating knockout that has a long-term effect. I know when you see a guy get knocked out and hit in that way, they are considered damaged goods and they live up to that title,” said Hopkins.

Is Pacquiao damaged goods? Only time will tell. Personally, I think that it depends on the psychological health of the person in question. Pacquiao seems to be very calm, down-to-earth person, thus I don’t see him being completely devastated for a long time after his loss.

On the other hand there are plenty of examples where a fighter never looked the same after a knockout, but I could also name a few that did come back to become better and more successful fighters.

Hopkinsis of course a well respected and certainly seasoned champion, but because he has never been knocked out, his opinion is only observational, and limited at that. Pacquiao has nothing to prove at this point in his career, and even losing a fight doesn’t belittle his career achievements in boxing.

“I would advise him to grab his wife and kids and take a long vacation. Take a long year off. Regroup physically, mentally, spiritually and then you make the decision there. Truthfully, it was such a devastating knockout that I don’t think he will ever be the Pacquiao that he was,” concluded Hopkins.

When it comes to advising Pacquiao to take a long vacation, I would agree. I think Manny needs to take some time to himself and spend it with family and friends. Maybe take a trip somewhere, and simply forget politics and boxing, enjoying the simpler things in life.

As far as taking an entire year off, this I don’t think would be the best decision. I can see Manyy staying away until next summer, or possibly early fall, but taking too long of a hiatus could be a damaging thing to do. Manny is not only great at boxing, but he is also in love with the sport. Not fighting is not an option for him, and as Freddie Roach had advised, he shouldn’t fight in April or May, but stay away for a bit longer.

When Bernard stated that he doesn’t believe that we will ever see the same Pacquiao as he was before, he is not taking into consideration that Pacquiao is not your average fighter. His dedication and self esteem is all that will be required for him to bounce back. Physically he is still as good as he ever was, and with a good fight to come back to, I think Roach and Manny will impress.

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