Bernard Hopkins Opening Up A Boxing Gym

According to Bernard Hopkin’s recent Tweet, B-Hop is opening up his own boxing gym in Philadelphia. “FYI, philly the bhop boxing gym is almost ready,” wrote The Executioner on his Twitter.

I don’t remember hearing anything about this before, thus it came as a surprise to me. A lot of boxers decide to open up their own boxing studios, but very few should. Teaching boxing requires not only a resume as a fighter, but also the vast knowledge of technical skill, as well as the ability to impart this information onto other people effectively. I believe that Bernard Hopkins is one of the very few former champions who can do this well.

His former trainer Bouie Fisher was an extremely knowledgeable trainer, and his teaching style made Bernard a technical virtuoso. I am curious to see where this goes, and whether any great fighters will emerge from there. I couldn’t find the name of the gym, but I assume it will have his name in it.