Bernard Hopkins vs. Alexander Povetkin? Apparently, Maybe!

Bernard Hopkins vs. Alexander Povetkin? Apparently it is plausible.

“Hopkins versus Povetkin for the heavyweight championship of the world would be huge. USA versus Russia is always special. It would be like out of a Rocky film. However, Klitschko is currently our only focus for Povetkin, but in boxing, one never knows what can happen,” commented Sauerland.

“I think this is definitely going to be a name we discuss,” remarked Schaefer.

Beating Alexander Povetkin for Bernard Hopkins would be a similar achievement that Roy Jones Jr. was praised for when he crossed the ropes and won his heavyweight debut against John Ruiz.

I think that it would be one of the biggest achievements in his entire career, and Hopkins could easily say that he retired on top if able to accomplish a goal like that. The fight would definitely generate a mind blowing amount of PPV buys, and I am sure that the boxing fans would appreciate Hopkins taking on a challenge like this close to the end of his career.

But could Hopkins actually come out a winner against a young unbeaten heavyweight champion? Andre Ward thinks so.

“I think it is totally doable. I actually think that is a great payday and a great way for Bernard to go out, and it would be something that would motivate him. I never thought about that matchup, but that would be good. I like it!” stated Andre Ward.

Truth be told, I am not so sure that Hopkins is as sharp as he has himself believe. Beating Cloud is one thing, but going against a heavyweight powerhouse might plaster him on the canvas a lot quicker than he or anyone else expects. Povetkin is an unbeaten guy with a good number of knockouts over real heavyweight, and Hopkinsis simply not one.

I think that he should take the challenge if the opportunity arises, but should fight an entirely different fight than he is used to. Staying on the outside, way outside is the only way I see him make it through the fight and possibly taking it on points. Still, if I were a betting man, my money would be on Povetkin.


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