Bernard Hopkins vs. Nathan Cleverly After Cleverly’s Defense?

According to The Sun, Bernard Hopkins flip flopped between trashing Nathan Cleverly and attempting to get a possible fight gained against the WBO titleholder.

According to Frank Warren, Hopkins was one of the names they considered fighting, but Bernard ended up ditching the idea. Later, Bernard Tweeted: “Stop using my name to promote ur BUM title-holder.”

Later, after Hopkins got the scoop on the fact that Warren and Richard Schaefer talked about the potential of this fight, Hopkins Tweeted something completely different: “After your guy fights on October 27, we can get the deal done!”

What this means, is that Hopkins is clearly being kept out of the loop as far as his own career goes, and talks are taking place without him being informed. Having said that, if whatever is being worked out leads to Hopkins fighting for a title, then there is no harm done. As the saying goes, all is well that ends well.