Bernard Hopkins’ Longevity in Historical Perspective

Bernard Hopkins Longevity

That Bernard Hopkins is an exceptional fighter, with an exceptional career story is beyond sane reproach. It is though perhaps worth noting that he made his professional debut aged 23 years & 8.5 months. That first outing was of course a losing effort & one that led to his second appearance in a professional boxing ring only taking place some 16 months later – five weeks after his 25th birthday. So whilst, like most everyone in the sport, entirely in awe of Hopkins’ age defying achievements I felt it a worthwhile exercise to compare Bernard’s career to that of other legends of the sport on several key longevity metrics.

elie seckbach bernard hopkins

Bernard Hopkins talks to Elie Seckbach.

For comparison I chose the following other all-time greats from the 1960s to the present time: Roy Jones Junior; George Foreman; Julio Cesar Chavez; Marvelous Marvin Hagler & Roberto Duran with Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather’s numbers thrown in for reference for our younger readers. I eventually decided against inclusion of the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson & Henry Armstrong because certain of the metrics were difficult to ascertain from known records (for example professional records of early opponents).


Metrics of longevity in boxing

1. Rounds Fought.

2. Longest string of consecutive years with at least 3 bouts per year.

3. Longest sequence of consecutive years with at least one win against an opponent with a winning record at time of bout.

4. Time between first bout & last bout.

1. Rounds Fought (to date in the case of Hopkins, Jones, Mayweather & Pacquiao):

Bernard Hopkins 450 Rounds to date

Roy Jones Junior 414 Rounds to date

George Foreman 336 Rounds fought

Julio Cesar Chavez Senior 633 Rounds fought

Marvelous Marvin Hagler 395 Rounds fought

Roberto Duran 792 Rounds fought

Manny Pacquiao 341 Rounds to date

Floyd Mayweather 303 Rounds to date


2. Longest string of consecutive years with at least 3 bouts fought per year

Bernard Hopkins 5 (1990 to 1994 inclusive)

Roy Jones Junior 8 (1989 to 1996 inclusive)

George Foreman 4 (1969 to 1972 & again from 1987 to 1990 inclusive)

Julio Cesar Chavez 17 (1980 to 1996 inclusive)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler 9 (1973 to 1981 inclusive)

Roberto Duran 13 (1968 to 1980 inclusive)

Manny Pacquiao 3 (1995 to 1997 & 1999 to 2001)

Floyd Mayweather Junior 3 (1997 to 1999 inclusive)


3. Longest sequence of consecutive years with at least one win against an opponent with a winning record at time of bout.

Bernard Hopkins 22 (1990 to 2011 inclusive)

Roy Jones Junior 14 (1989 to 2003 inclusive)

George Foreman 11 (1987 to 1997 inclusive)

Julio Cesar Chavez 19 (1981* to 1999)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler 14 (1973 to 1986 inclusive)

Roberto Duran 15 (1969 to 1983 inclusive)

Manny Pacquiao 17 (1995 to 2011 inclusive)

Floyd Mayweather 11 (1997 to 2007 inclusive)


4. Time Between First & Last Bought

Bernard Hopkins 23 years & 4 days (to date)

Roy Jones Junior 22 years & 15 days (to date)

George Foreman 28 years 4 months & 30 days

Julio Cesar Chavez 25 years 7 months & 14 days

Marvelous Marvin Hagler 13 years 10 months & 19 days

Roberto Duran 33 years 4 months & 9 days

Manny Pacquiao 16 years 3 months & 13 days & counting (to date)

Floyd Mayweather 14 years 11 months & 6 days & counting (to date)


Elie Seckbach Bernard Hopkins Wax

Bernard Hopkins’ wax likeness to Elie Seckbach, “I would never let a white boy kick my ass.”

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting, Reeporting!

*Please note that several of Chavez’s early opponents do not have verifiable records so there was no verifiable win against an opponent with a winning record in the calender year 1980 (according to Only 4 of his 10 opponents from that year have officially verifiable records & all 4 were losing ones at the time of their meeting with JCC.