Berto vs Guerrero Beats Berto 116 – 100

Andre Berto vs Robert Guerrero Rd By Rd

Before the fight the late Hector Macho who died today got a 10 count. Fans we yelling Macho.

Rd 1 Guerrero trying to go for body. Berto trying to do the Mayweather D. Guerrero drops Berto. Rd 1 Guerrero.

Rd 2 Berto goes down again. Berto’s right eye is closed. rd goes to Guerrero.

Rd 3 both fighters hugging a lot. Guerrero putting lots of pressure. Berto lands some good shots. Rd to Berto.

Rd 4 Fans yelling Guerrero. Guerrero lands some shots. Berto tries to make thinks happen. rd  to guerrero.

Rd 5 Berto lands a good right hand. Guerrero tries to answer both fighters tangle up. Ref wants betro about hitting behind head. Rd to Berto.

Rd 6 Guerrero starts strong. Good rd for both fighters both guerrero and berto exchange big shots. rd to berto.

Rd 7 what a round. both fighters landing good power shots. rd to guerrero.

Rd 8 Guerrero bleeding from nose. guerrero put lots of pressue duing rd. rd to guerrero.

Rd 9 Berto best rd so far in fight landed more pwoer shots. rd to berto .

Rd 10 Berto and Guerrero go snose to nose. rd to guerrero.

Rd 11 berto tries to make something happen guerrero puts on pressue. rd to berto.

Rd 12 what a rd guerreo gets rd 12

Guerrero wins 116 – 100