Bert Randolph Sugar: Custodian of Enthusiasm for the Sweet Science. RIP.

Bert Randolph Sugar R.I.P

Legendary boxing writer & personality Bert Randolph Sugar takes his place among the enigmatic giants of pugilistic history now departed though never to be forgotten. Sugar’s contribution to the sport’s perpetual universal popularity can not be overstated & is in certain aspects comparable to any other individual of the last 60 years. At the heart of it all lay an unashamed & unmistakable love for the sport itself – his boundless enthusiasm for boxing was rabidly infectious & his vernacular fused with his encyclopedic knowledge of boxing’s past was a driving force in the continued & accelerated viability of prize fighting as a sport with mass appeal through several consecutive & varied eras within its landscape.

Thank you Bert. Your passion for the sweet science will endure in the hearts of everyone you touched. R.IP. We loved you – but heaven wanted you more.

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton

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