Best Jimmy Kimmel Live Episode Thus Far, With A Hilarious Manny Pacquiao 24/7 Mock Video


It has become a tradition for Manny Pacquiao to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live before his upcoming bouts. It is as much of a promotional move as it is an opportunity to show himself in a different light and environment. Pacquaio had recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel show once again, just a few weeks before his fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, and as always Kimmel did a tremendous job in making us laugh.

There were a few serious question from Kimmel as well, but unfortunately the answers were dry. When asked why is it that Pacquiao doesn’t fight Bradley again, Manny stated that he had nothing to prove to Bradley as he believes that he dominated his fight against Tim.

Manny did say that if the opportunity to end his fight against Marquez early presents itself, he will most certainly take it. I assume that both fighters are thinking the same way, and being that Marquez looks quite a lot bigger than he did ever before, I am sold on this fight and am looking forward to yet another war.
One thing I will say about this episode of Jimmy Kimmel: the mock Pacquiao vs. Rodriguez i absolutely hilarious! This is one of the funniest boxing related videos I have ever seen, and I am truly impressed with Pacquiao and Kimmel in their ability to invest time and effort into bringing some humor into the Pacquiao camp.


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