Hamilton’s Greatest Mexican Fighters of All-Time

Mexico FlagSince releasing Hamilton’s 100 Greatest Fighters of All-Time listing I have had various requests to rank fighters within individual nations and/or divisions. I’ve decided to utilize a variation of my ranking algorithm (with certain tweaks on the original) to that great boxing nation of Mexico. Here follows a listing of who I regard as the greatest Mexican fighters, by achievement, of all-time.

My ranking algorithm attempts to quantify achievement by assigning a relative value to each win & loss endured by a fighter during their professional career.

A point on qualification for the designation of “Mexican“. Any fighter born in Mexico immediately qualifies (for example Carlos Palomino). Fighters not born in Mexico can be included if they later went on to fight under the Mexican flag for a substantial portion of their careers. A notable example of this type of fighter is adopted Mexican hero José Nápoles.

I do not regard Oscar De La Hoya as a Mexican fighter for the purposes of this listing.

The Top 10

  1. José Nápoles Θ43.2 Nápoles’ 81 wins include 44 wins I deem credible (against international caliber opponents); the 1969/04/18 win over Curtis Cokes is classed as a AAA Grade win (the highest on my scale); furthermore the following are deemed AA Grade scalps:

    1971/06/04 Billy Backus
    1969/06/29 Curtis Cokes
    1964/04/25 Alfredo Urbina
    1965/08/03 Eddie Perkins
    1969/10/17 Emile Griffith
    1964/06/22 Carlos Hernandez; whilst the following A Grade wins:

    1973/06/23 Roger Menetrey
    1972/06/10 Adolph Pruitt
    1974/08/03 Hedgemon Lewis
    1964/11/14 Alfredo Urbina
    1973/02/28 Ernie Lopez
    1970/02/14 Ernie Lopez
    1963/11/30 LC Morgan
    1965/02/28 LC Morgan
    1972/03/28 Ralph Charles
    1971/12/14 Hedgemon Lewis
    1975/07/12 Armando Muniz
    1975/03/29 Armando Muniz further round what is an historically significant resume & compares favorably to all but a handful of the sport’s greatest in my eyes.

  2. Juan Zurita Θ27.9 Credible wins: 43 of 130.
  3. Kid Azteca Θ26.3 Credible wins: 61 of 193.
  4. Julio Cesar Chavez Θ17.8 Credible wins: 30 of 107.
  5. Alfredo Urbina Θ17.7 Credible wins: 30 of 59.
  6. Vicente Saldivar Θ14.9 Credible wins: 17 of 37.
  7. Baby Arizmendi Θ14.6  Credible wins: 24 of 90.
  8. Rodolfo Casanova Θ12.6 Credible wins: 23 of 81.
  9. Juan Manuel Marquez Θ8.1 Credible wins: 11 of 56.
  10. Salvador Sanchez Θ7.2 Credible wins: 7 of 44.

11 through 30

11. Marco Antonio Barrera Θ6.7 Credible wins: 8 of 67.
12. Carlos Palomino Θ5.7 Credible wins: 8 of 31.
13. Ruben Olivares Θ5.3  Credible wins: 16 of 89.
14. Erik Morales Θ5.3 Credible wins: 10 of 52.
15. Carlos Zarate Θ4.6 Credible wins: 6 of 66.
16. Saul Alvarez Θ4.6 Credible wins: 6 of 43.
17. Efren Torres Θ4.1 Credible wins: 7 of 59.
18. Rafael Herrera Θ4.2 Credible wins: 9 of 48.
19. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Θ3.8 Credible wins: 8 of 51.
20. Jose Luis Ramirez Θ3.5 Credible wins: 3 of 102.
21. Rodolfo Martinez Θ3.2
22. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Θ2.9 Credible wins: 3 of 48.
23. Antonio Margarito Θ2.8 Credible wins: 7 of 38.
24. Ricardo Lopez Θ2.7
25. Daniel Zaragoza Θ2.2
26. Jose Luis Castillo Θ1.6
27. Pipino Cuevas Θ1.5
28. Israel Vazquez Θ1.3
29. Chucho Castillo Θ1.1
30. Miguel Canto Θ0.0