Constructing the Ultimate Boxer

Taking the Best from the Best

What if a fighter existed who had the hand-speed of Meldrick Taylor; the chin of Jake LaMotta; the swag of Prince Naseem Hamed & the defensive acumen of Willie Pep. You’d have built a phenomenal prizefighting machine – here is mine:

#1 Killer Instinct; Temperament & Ring IQ (includes aspects such as ability to think methodically, stick to a gameplan, press home an advantage, make intra-fight adjustments & perform under pressure)

Premier ExponentMuhammed Ali

Honorable MentionsFloyd Mayweather Jr; Sugar Ray Leonard; Gene Tunney; Bernard Hopkins

#2 Reflexes & Athleticism 

Premier ExponentRoy Jones Jr

Honorable MentionsWilfred Benitez; Floyd Mayweather Jr; Pernell Whitaker

#3 Defensive Acumen & Ability to Avoid Getting Hit 

Premier ExponentWillie Pep

Honorable Mentions: Pernell Whitaker; James Toney; Floyd Mayweather Jr

#4 Hand & Footspeed

Premier ExponentSugar Ray Leonard

Honorable MentionsMeldrick Taylor; Sugar Ray Robinson; Floyd Mayweather Jr; Hector Camacho Sr

#5 Knockout Punching Power & Strength 

Premier ExponentMike Tyson

Honorable Mentions: Vitali Klitschko; Tommy Hearns; Roberto Duran; George Foreman;  Archie Moore; Earnie Shavers

#6 Chin; Durability  & Ability to Take a Punch

Premier ExponentMarvelous Marvin Hagler

Honorable MentionsHarry Greb; George Chuvalo; Carmen Basilio; Jake LaMotta; Julio Cesar Chavez

#7 Toughness, Heart & Warrior Spirit 

Premier Exponent: Arturo Gatti 

Honorable Mentions: Jake LaMotta; Evander Holyfield; Johnny Tapia

Specific Weaponry 

#1 Jab

Premier Exponent: Larry Holmes

Honorable Mentions: Sonny ListonWladimir Klitschko; Lennox Lewis; Benny Leonard

# 2 Right

Premier Exponent: Tommy Hearns

Honorable MentionsEarnie Shavers;  Max Baer; Julian Jackson; George Foreman

# 3 Left 

Premier ExponentJoe Frazier

Honorable MentionsOscar De La Hoya; Jack Dempsey; Julio Cesar Chavez; Sonny Liston

Secondary Attributes

#1 Smack Talking, Psychological Warfare & PR

Premier Exponent: Muhammed Ali

Honorable Mentions: Floyd Mayweather Jr; James Toney; Ricardo Mayorga

#2 Swag & Ring Entrance

Premier Exponent: Prince Naseem Hamed

Honorable Mentions: Chris Eubank; Floyd Mayweather Jr

#3 Intimidation 

Premier Exponent: Mike Tyson

Honorable Mentions: Sonny ListonJack Dempsey; George Foreman; Roberto Duran

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