Best Fight That Never Was?

Like Sands Through The Hourglass So Are The Fights of Our Lifetime

The perennial will-they won’t-they panto-drama of the MayweatherPacquiao negotiations got me thinking – let’s say, pessimistically, that those two crazy kids never see eye to eye on a drug testing protocol, a contractually stipulated weight for the bout, the size of the gloves to be used or the humanitarian situation in Darfur – where would Mayweather NOT vs. Pacquiao rank among the greatest fights never to happen?

Pacquiao Mayweather

Could Mayweather vs Pacquiao become an historical boxing What If?

I can vividly recall a meeting between heavyweight champions Riddick Bowe & Mike Tyson once seeming similarly inevitable. Two bites of Evander Holyfield‘s ear by Tyson & in the order of 10,000 of cheesecake by Bowe put paid to public clamoring for that meeting. It thus can happen that a fight which seems only a matter of time & optimizing commercial considerations & vested interests is removed from the sport’s landscape by the caustic fusing of greed & mistrust.

To be sure the sands of the collective MayweatherPacquiao hour glass are running out. At 34 & 32 respectively you’d envisage the former’s chronic & self-enforced ring inactivity & the cumulative effects of the latter’s spectacular & violent passage through a fair portion of Mexico’s Hall of Fame contingent would make the shelf life of this pugilistic blockbuster distinctly finite.

Several fateful factors appear on the cusp of conspiring to make this a fight that will happen though. Primarily the financial nausea of walking away from a $40 million payday hardly seems on the playbook for a man who goes by the epithet of Money. The mutterings of financial ill-health surrounding the Filipino icon for sure could well play a contributing factor to reaching a negotiated settlement.

Pacquiao Mayweather Negotiations

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: The World is Yours… For The Time Being.

Those final two words have me thinking whoever said, “Satire makes the serious into the silly; whilst sport achieves the opposite” was most certainly onto something.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting!

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