Big Fight Predictions

By: Albert Alvarez                                     

Ward/Dawson- The quickest eye will win this chess match. Dawson is a very good boxer, but Ward to me has a higher boxing IQ. Ward is flat out a more complete fighter than Dawson from top to bottom. I see Ward out thinking and fighting smarter, and will win this match by Unanimous Decision.                            

Chavez/Martinez- Very tough fight to call. Chavez is a stalking lumberjack, Martinez knowing this will have to use a ruler jab followed with a stay in your place shot to keep Chavez away from the kitchen. Chavez is going to be starving so he is going to want to come into the kitchen for seconds and thirds, Martinez will have to keep that left hand of his ready to kill in order to catch Chavez with unexpected right hands. Martinez is going to have to fight Chavez as if he were fighting him in Mexico. Martinez must try hard to avoid his mid rounds fading habit. Conditioning will be very important in this one. Martinez by Split Decision.               

  Canelo/Lopez- Lopez has way too much pride for his own good. It’s going to be a will tested type of fight. If Canelo comes to eat, it will be a torture chamber in there for Lopez. Lopez will have some good moments, but I can see the ref stepping in and saving Lopez from further punishment around the 9th or tenth round.