Bob Arum Defends Chavez Jr., Says NSAC Should Change Policy On Drugs?

To be completely honest, I thought that the entire fiasco with Chavez Jr. and his marijuana habit has slowly settled, and possibly will not be brought up again.

This of course turned out to be much more than just a slap on the wrist when the commission decided to take the action further.

Now, Chavez Jr. has decided to fight back, and is getting ready to fire up a lawsuit against the NSAC for the $900,000 fine that they had imposed on the young fighter.

“Why is it their damned business if the kid smokes a joint? They fined (Fernando) Vargas $100,000 for using steroids when he fought Oscar (De La Hoya), and they fine this kid $900,000 for pot?…The commission needs to update its rules on drugs. But I’m not going to convince them to change. I have no chance. The people on the commission are not people who live in the real world. There’s no reasoning with these people. It’s a lost cause,” commented Bob Arum in defense of Chavez Jr.

An illegal substance, any kind of them, is a very sensitive yet straight forward topic. It is not legal to smoke Marijuana, and is it greatly frowned upon by the athletic commission. On the other hand, is the NSAC simply trying to use Chavez Jr. as an example for the rest of the potential young up-and-coming boxers?

Pot is not an enhancer; as a matter of fact it will hinder any kind of sports related performance, while greatly improving one’s ability to overeat. Of course once it hit the public, the commission had to respond in the most proper manner, and they did.

When Arum mentioned that the commission needs to update their rules on drugs, I am not sure what exactly he is hoping for or suggesting. Does he expect drugs to be made legal in the spot of boxing?

I don’t know the details of the lawsuit that Chavez Jr. is aiming for, but I do not think that he will be able to have the case dropped or reduced.

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