Exclusive: Bob Arum Says Mayweather Turned Down $65 Mill To Fight Pacquiao
June 3, 2011 Boxing News

Hall of Fame boxing promoter Bob Arum says Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao. In fact, Arum says Mayweather recently turned down $65 million for the fight.  Check out this Exclusive EsNewsReporting video.

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  1. if floyd is a great boxer he will fight manny without any excuses
    since he refused, it shows that he is really afraid t fight..
    he talked to much…

  2. There’s is a list of how you want to end the fight between these two greats;
    Floyd, choose your poison;

    a.) Put to sleep with a hard left straight (Hatton)
    b.) Survive the fight with a Broken orbital bone (Margarito)
    c.) Quit on his stool and retire (Dela Hoya)
    d.) With face bloodied, run around scared (Mosley)
    e.) None of the above (DUCK the fight!)

  3. I live in Singapore. This is bull shit. Never heard anything about this locally. Only found it as I was googling the country.

    Nobody likes Pacquiao, Mayweather or boxing here. Sport isn’t even that big to be honest.

    The only big venue is outdoors, and do you think boxers are going to fight in 90% humidity?

    As I said man, this is just fake. Only person whoknows about it is probably Bob Arum, in his imagination!?

  4. I get sick of these PR campaigns. It\’s so cynical.

    The \”Mayweather wants $100 million\” crap was exactly the same. Bob Arum wanting to put something into the media, and using this stooge to do it.

    Whenever Bob wants to start a fake rumour, on Mayweather, he usually turns to Eli Sechbach
    as the guy\’s fame hungry, has no morals,knows nothing about boxing, and willdo anything to get web hits.

    Have you ever been to Singapore!?

    The biggest venue in Singapore holds 13\’000!

  5. Sechbach is a Bob Arum stooge.

    Any time Arum wants to start a fake rumour, to promote a Pacquiao fight, he usually goes to this idiot

  6. floid chicken the GAY weather… always running with no balls to fight manny…

  7. yeah… mayweather is a chicken… utak bulinaw,.. bakla,,, wara BUNAY…

  8. Manny should fight Ron Artest of the LA Lakers instead of Floyd ” Twinkieballs” Gayweather since he always refuses to fight. Unlike Artest.. that guy too never backs down a fight…. LOL!

  9. MRxXANTRAXx….. did u just say ” avoid “? Since when did u ever….. as in EVER heard Manny refuses to fight? Dude, NEVER!

    He never, backs out of fighting. regardless of what weightclass.Why do you think he has the most belts in the history of boxing. U know why? COZ HE NEVER BACKS OUT and NEVER REFUSES TO FIGHT! U IDIOT!

    Think before u speak….youre stupidity is showing up so fast so once again… think…. before u speak. stupid idiot!

  10. Check this video: Shane Mosley trying to convince his cornerman Naazim Richardson to stop the fight against Manny Pacquiao. :

  11. @MRxXANTRAXx

    Miguel Cotto has no defense? Then who the f*@% does?? Cotto is one of the most skilled fighters offensively and especially defensively. If you honestly think Manny has hand picked opponents then tell me who should he fight? Name one name, and don\’t say Martinez because that\’s retarted. The next thing you know people will be saying Manny is ducking the Klitchko\’s.

  12. To end this quick Pacman Avoids anybody with good defense ever since the Marquez fights PERIOD…. Diaz no defense got drop by a sluggish Morales De La Hoya no jab no defense Hatton got Ko for rushing even FLOYD K.O that guy and FLOYD not a Puncher. Cotto goes forward no defense Margarito just walks forward too Clottey didn’t do much but didn’t get hurt Mosley PFFFT he look bad with MORA and is a forward guy that got hit and ran….

    Since MARQUEZ no good Defensive boxers he has fought PERIOD…. Manny would look like a Hatton and guess what CHECK HOOK & Lights OUT…..

  13. januel arriola

    the only defense mayweather can do is to run away all what happened to mosely.

  14. Bob, when u claim that Mosley took “Punishment” KNOWING he blocked and avoided ALL of Manny’s punches, then say That Floyd KNOWS he will lose to Manny even after WITNESSING Manny struggle to land on Mosley’s C-CLASS Defense, Its OBVIOUS U dont have any intentions of having them in the ring together…If Manny cant handle Mosley’s defense, he wont EVER get a knockdown on Floyd cuz he SURELY wont be able to handle Floyd’s defense….yet u say, “Manny will beat the crap out of Floyd”….U will NEVER let people see how STOOPID Manny will look in a ring with Floyd…Floyd fights one type of fight…a Mismatch….it wont be close enough to make Manny look like a warrior Cuz of Floyd’s instincs….footspeed…..reflexes….Manny will look like a BUM if he fights Floyd and thats what Im starting to think after the Mosley fight…Bob I always think twice before listening to you

    • you mean c class defense? dude you dont know shit about boxing! for the first time in history mosley got his a defense by running all day long against pac! it’s a more effective defense than to floyd.

      • Shane was slick 15 years ago.

        He’s a brawler these days.

        Pacquiao didn’t have the legs, or class to chase him down,

    • what defense r u talking about?? mosley does not want to fight pacquiao. he was running scared all day.. and the fact that mosley knocked down you can tell that he has no problem on shane’s defense.

    • DUDE whatever smoke yer using then share it, your so high yer out of yer mind bwahahaha

    • You stupid idiot did you see Mosley’s face after the fight????…YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY RETARDED!!

    • nuthuggers should stop talking bull shit on what he’s going to do this and that to manny making manny look like an amateur and invest their time and energy to get their boy floyd to fight manny. fuck the bull shit and get your boy floyd in the ring.

      only moronic player haters keep claiming what floyd would do to manny, fucking waste of time, get your boy floyd in the ring with manny!

    • Why dont u fight Pacquiao then you idiot! since u call him a “bum” . lets see how tough your face is once he knock you down!
      You talk the talk… try walk the walk….
      Aint no way Floyds gonna fight Pacman coz he knows whats up.

      He simply knows whats gonna happen to him if he accepts to fight Manny. He’ll lose.

      Dude, If someone ask you to fight him in a bar, and u know you cant beat his ass… what u gonna do? Same thing with Floyds ” twinkieballs” gayfeather. He wont fight him coz he cant beat him…. U idiot!

    • Bring your coward boy out Jake. He’ll get his *** kicked all 12

    • intoke_shikare

      i really agree of what you mean that Floyd is better than D’Pacman,,, then why the hell he wont fight Manny??? why!!??….

    • dude! you’re really a plain stupid…if floyd really can kick manny’s ass, why he hasn’t accepted the offer?! The mayweather’s and peole like you are stupid fools, full of accusations but no hard evidence…

    • @ JAKE – – – What an “I D I O T”.. You Think Defense can win or score in any game? Its the OFFENSE that dictates a game!!
      You think Floyd will win and get the nod from the judges by just rolling his shoulder? No wonder you are a Floyd fan.. Coz u are not thinking either.. Well, atleast floyd does, he knows he got no chance thats why he’s making up excuses and Guys like you bought it..

    • cozucantbeatme!

      guys why the freaking a** yo’ll still talking about a fighter who was outclassed by both money may and pacman?!? huh??? he history dudes!!! bottom line is… Mayweather is a wise fag coz he know his rep will be at stake so why blemish it! he aint gonna fight for anybody…he fightin for himself, he aint givin a damn who wants it, who dies to see it. Accept the fact that he finish!!! and for pacman! he good but honestly its really time (again) to fight the best! he started off with barrera, marquez and morales which are all best in each division…now its time to face the Best! mediocre fighters dont deserve any chance. if you are really honest in giving good entertainment then pick the best opponents!!!

    • cozucantbeatme!

      you know what Johs….stop pretending to be all knowing about boxing, let floyd fight manny first and then make you shitty predictions…and same thing goes to pacman fans… bottom line this two idiots have two much ego and pride and since they are the two biggest name in the biz…. why risk it?

    • so why not tell your kinky lover floyd to fight manny instead of whining.. let floyd come on tv or newspaper and tell the world he’ll fighting manny..and stop depending him you’re sounding like a sissy

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