Bob Arum: Ortiz Too Inexperienced For Floyd – And Talks Pacquiao vs Mayweather

EsNewsReporting caught up with boxing promoter Bob Arum who’s busy promoting Manny Pacquiao’s and Juan Manuel Marquez’s next fight on November 12th. Recently, both fighters were in Manila and New York promoting the fight. “We’ve had a good time and both fighters couldn’t have been more cooperative,” said Arum.

When asked if the fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will happen, Arum said he’s been ready. “We’ve been ready to do that fight for over a year, whether it happens or not, I’m not in the business of predicting,” said Arum.

Arum also chimed in on the Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz fight on September 17th. “I think Ortiz is too raw and too inexperienced to fight the caliber of Floyd Mayweather. I look for a Floyd victory,” said Arum.