Bob Arum Picks Mayweather Jr. To Beat Canelo Via Easy Decision Or Stoppage

Top Rank’s Bob Arum never shies away from speaking his mind, and in his recent interview he stated that despite the fact that there are armies of boxing fans believing that Canelo will be Floyd’s biggest challenge in a long time, Arum thinks that it will be yet another easy night for Mayweather Jr.

“I think that Mayweather Jr. will decision or stop him,” stated Arum. While I agree that Canelo is not going to be as big a challenge as many think, and that Floyd will likely walk away with an easy U.D. victory, knocking Canelo out would be a phenomenal spectacle.

The question is, could Maywather Jr. send Alvarez to the canvas? Technically he can, but it’s highly unlikely. Although being that Alvarez runs out of gas by the middle rounds, he might end up wide open for Mayweather Jr. to pepper him with anything he wants to throw.

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