Bob Arum Proposes Donaire vs. JuanMa Towards The End Of 2013

“Donaire really struggled to make the weight and I think that took a little zip out of him and this kid Rigondeaux was awfully fast and awfully elusive. He would fight Lopez at 126 pounds in Puerto Rico towards the end of the year,” stated Bob Arum in a recent interview.

I did notice that Donaire was a bit sluggish, and generally not his usual self. This of course cannot be used as an excuse, and Rigo deserved every round of that fight.

Looking for a way to get a rematch against Rigo is something that Donaire should avoid at all cost, and Bob Arum’s plan is ideal. Fighting JuanMa would create an even bigger buzz than Donaire vs. Rigo did for two reasons: JuanMa is an already developed name, and Donaire will have a statement to make in the ring.

At this point, if I were Donaire, I would agree and nod my head to everything that Arum suggests, and do my best to secure a fight against Lopez for sometime in November.

I think that it would be a great action packed fight, and the fans would be behind Top Rank in support of this proposed ring return for Nonito.


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