Bob Arum Says Teddy Atlas Is A Pacquaio & Arum Hater
June 2, 2011 Boxing News

Legendary Top Rank boxing promoter Bob Arum calls out Teddy Atlas. Atlas recently said that Manny Pacquiao doesn’t make his top 25 list of best boxers. In this EsNewsReporting video, Arum says that Atlas is a “Manny hater”. Arum also calls out HBO’s Max Kellerman.


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  1. Floyd Mayweather jr.

    Teddy Atlas can’t get off my dick!

  2. I know this is full of Pactards so im going to hurt your feelings a bit…

    Pacman did not take on the real champions and went for the easy fights since 135pounds…
    Avoided Cassamayor & Baby Bull Diaz @ 135pounds he took on weak David Diaz a guy MORALES DROP & MOST THINK HE GOT ROBBED….

    Avoided 140 cause it was loaded Khan and the rest

    Took on De La Hoya @ Welterweight pffft De La Hoya was killed at weight De La Hoya can’t fight under 154 or hes dead at weight and you all saw he had Floyd in a close one at 154

    Ricky Hatton AFTER FLOYD TOOK HIS 0 at 147 then Pacquiao went at em after he saw Hatton wasn’t the same….

    Next guy just stood there Clottey

    Margarito a guy that after his rap problem wasn’t the same and look horrible in the fight that gave him the right to fight PACMAN

    Mosley a guy the look horrible against Sergio Mora even GOLDEN BOY KNOW THE FIGHT WAS GOING TO BE HORRIBLE THEY DIDN’T PROMOTE it…..

    After all the ummm I agree with Atlas no way Pacman is pound for pound ….I don’t believe PACMAN is in roids but he hasn’t fought the great journey man or Pigeons ….

    • Sorry for the REAL Truth… Flyod DUCKS Pacquaio period, and NOBODY in the welterweight could Match Pacquaio’s Greater Talent in Boxing. Say a name that will match the Pac..nobody! Pacquaio has become a monster in the ring…all of his opponents were being out box in a very very wide margin. Nobody can cope up with Pacman’s POWER, SPEED, STAMINA, FOOTWORK, CAPACITY TO TOOK A BEATING, VOLUME PUNCHING, COMBINATION OF PUNCHES LEFT & RIGHT and HUMILITY…PAcquaio’s fight nowadays even looked boring because his opponents were all NO MATCH!

      1) Margarito: (trained earlier and harder, body condition was the best as ever, motivation is high as ever especially he was given a chance to shine again if he defeats the Pac) plus 17lbs bigger but was MURDERED by the Pac in all 12rds. Imagine that with 17lbs difference, Pacman’s power should be nothing to Margarito. Speed and Volume Punching Kills, FACT!

      2) Cotto: Power Body Puncher in all of his fights, but was nothing to the Pac. Pacman just absorbed his Power body hook shots and counters more punches in return.

      3) Hatton: 2 times Knock down until finally Knock Out in rd.2 (comatose in the canvass hehehe). Power and Speed and Cleverness kills. FACT!

      4) Clottey: Whom is well known for his body toughness (can take and absorbed power punches from strong fighters like Cotto & Margarito, he even make funny faces to his foes hehehe) But could not do anything to the Speed and Power of the Pac. Clottey was afraid for the first time in his career to punch back. Speed, Power, Volume and Non-Stopped Punching Kills..FACT!

      5) Mosley: a Right hand hard hitting champ who almost knock out Flyod, was nothing to the Pac. Mosley was intimidated and was also afraid to be hit by the Pac. He just runs around SURVIVING the whole time. See rds. 10,11,&12 where Pacquaio seriously punched Mosley, its soooo frightening to watch. Mosley’s face is full of fear. Power, Speed and Cleverness to connect punches kills, FACT.

      6) Diaz – beat up Moralez (old story dude)
      7) Marquez – a leftover of Pacquaio whom Flyod fights. In Marquez III, Marquez will be in total annihilation. He is in danger to die in the hands of the Pac. hehehe..
      8) Dela Hoya – Everybody PROTEST that DH will kill Pacquaio due to size, experience, skill factors. BUT the outcome is opposite. FACT!
      9) Morales – won 1 fight against the Pac, but was beaten twice afterwards 10rds on the II and 3rds. on III. Pacquaio was clearly an evolving fighter. His skills is improved as time progressed. Flyod should have fight the PAc a long time ago. There he has a chance to win..Not NOW! NO way! FACT.

      BTW, Corrales, Berto, etc..etc.. has no match with the Pacman, they’re are only good in unknown opponents. They have no chance against REAL Fighters like PAcman, Hatton, Cotto, MArgarito, Ortiz, MAidana, etc…(Flyod is not a real fighter, he is a FRAUD cherry picker champ hehehe). Look what happened to Berto and JuanMa, lost against Ortiz and Salido (a real boxer fighters).

      PLUS, the most important THING in match ups…MONEY!

      Corales, berto etc..etc..are fighters in which the world doesn’t want to see against the Pacman. Meaning, LOW MONEY MAKIN…So this fights will not happen. Except for Flyod where the WHOLE WIDE WORLD KNOWS HE IS DUCKING THE PAC…$40M each, and yet Flyod ducks n ducks n ducks hehehehe…What a JOKE in the boxing history…

      Get REAL People…Pacman is the “Homicide HAnk” of this ERA…

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