Bob Arum Suggests If Financials Make Sense, Pacquiao Will Fight In U.S. Again

“It’s all a matter of running the numbers: if he makes a certain amount in the United States, he has to pay 40% in taxes. If he makes a certain amount of money in Macau, it’s a very small percentage. So you run the numbers, if you fought in the United States and the numbers are such that you’ve taken to account the taxes and still make economic sense, he would fight in the United States,” stated Top Rank’s Bob Arum about Pacquiao’s potential future fights in the USA.

I would assume that Pacquiao will make a ton of money anywhere and everywhere he decides to fight, and I most certainly believe that he will not make in Macau less than half of what he makes in Las Vegas or  the Cowboys Stadium.

Thus, there is very little change that Manny will want to fight in America, unless of course the right opponent comes around, the kind that will yield groundbreaking numbers, or in other words, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There are some fights where Pacquiao wouls have the upper hand as far as the location and the date of the fight goes, but there are also some fights out there where Manny would not be the one dictating the terms. And those are the only fights that could bring Manny back to the United States for a fight.

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