Both Pacquiao & Mayweather Jr. List Their Mansions For Sale

Pacquiao LA Home

If you have an extra $2.7 million to spend, and you happen to be a Manny Pacquiao fan, you can now buy his Los Angeles mansion. The house was listed on, and it looks as thought Manny is hoping to make some money on his MTV Cribs featured home.

Initially he bought it for $2.17 million in 2009, looking to gain about $500,000 if sells for at least the asking price.

But as the article suggests, this home comes with some negative history as well. Apparently due to the known fact that this home belongs to Pacquiao, there have been robbery attempts while Pacman was training in the Philippines.

But what if you don’t like Pacquiao, and are a huge fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Well don’t you worry, just go ahead and put an offer of $3.45 million on Floyd’s recently listed Vegas home.

Looks like both champions got bored of their mansions, and have decided to get rid of them and look for something fresh.