How To Hit Hard
August 21, 2011 Boxing News

While visiting the Outlaws Boxing Club in Tarzana we asked what’s the best way to hit hard.

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  1. 1. He said it right…. except he did not mention what we Asians are commonly thought “follow thru your punch”. 6″ punch and 1″ punch of Bruce Lee. Its not just a punch but it has a follow through. One good example Pacquiaos first knockdown of Cotto. It does not look like a hard punch and he was launching in. As if Cotto got hit just at the end of the punch.
    2. 1000, 10,000 of hrs of practice and thats the sacrifices if one wants to excel in sports. Hatton mocking “right hook roll under, all the time” of Pacquiao. Good example of practice makes perfect.
    3. Elie mentioned uppercuts. Rodela in a video complaining to Pacquiao he got hit hard in the chest by an uppercut. Pacquiao said no, this is an uppecut and this is what I did repeated it twice. Generally it is still considered an upper cut considering where the punch is coming from. Not a perfect 45 degree angle. But Pacquiao demostrated the difference and the power behind it.
    4. A very good video report by Elie. Thats what I like with Elies reports true ensights and thoughts of a person. Particularly trainers, boxer, former trainers and boxers and all the the above…. Thanks.

  2. Punching hard comes from the entire body. Jabs are almost like flicks of the arm and wrist to maximize speed and land with accuracy, whereas power shots are generated from the feet to the hips and shoulders through to the arm and hands. Just like throwing hard in baseball, you have to have your legs and upper body wind into the throw.

    Emmanuel Stewart put it best when he said about Pacquiao that he’s not just a power puncher, he’s a “dynamic” puncher. Pacquiao punches “through” his opponents, not just on them. I think Ortiz is also showing his power punching is dynamic and he has intent to injure in every punch.

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