Boxing Manager Says of Floyd “You Gotta Be A Bigger Man Than That.. He Has Both Hands Down, Undefended”
September 18, 2011 Boxing News

Elie got the reaction of a boxing manager who thought Mayweather’s KO win was legal but hardly filled with gallantry.



Matt Hamilton, Reeporting!

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  1. I agree, this was totally a cheap shot. There was no need for Floyd to retaliate in that way because he was winning the fight easily on points even though Ortiz was comming on and Ortiz was deducted a point and did apologize so there was no need to hit him unfairly. This man is classless and its not even a race thing because Mosley & Berto have never done this kind of thing. This fight never happened to me.

  2. And they talk too much. Although not all but most

  3. Agreed. Floyd knows Ortiz was apologizing and showing sportsmanship, there was no need for Floyd to cheap shot him for the win. If Floyd is so good and so confident in his own skills, why does he need to resort to cheap shots to win? Floyd knows Ortiz was getting stronger as the fight went on and floyd had a banged up lip and red mouse over his right eye and it was only the 4th round.

    It’s disappointing as a boxing fan cuz u want to see a champion win the right way. Not take advantage of a guy showing sportmanship in the ring being defenseless. The HBO analysts also said referee Cortez did not do a good job in indicating fight had resumed. There was no distinct, and loud gesture or body language. Cortez wasn’t even paying attention to the fighters IF he had called fight on. He was looking away outside the ring.
    In any case, this is a shame to the sport of boxing, because what the sport needs is not dirty tactics and lack of sportsmanship, but true champions like Pacquiao and Sergio who have respect and class for their fans, opponents, and the sport. You’d never see Pacquiao or Sergio cheap shot someone like this.

    I was disappointed in not being able to see more of the fight because Ortiz was getting inside and roughing up floyd and it looked to be getting interesting.

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