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Boxing Rankings

Pound for Pound

The Ring Magazine‘s current Pound for Pound Top 10 List:

Pacquiao De La Hoya

Manny Pacquiao has humbled many great champions on his path to all-time greatness.

1.  Manny Pacquiao

Record: 52-3-2 (38 KOs)

2.  Sergio Martinez

Record: 47-2-2 (26 KOs)

3.  Nonito Donaire

Record: 26-1-0 (18 KOs)

4.  Juan Manuel Marquez

Record: 52-5-1 (38 KOs)

5.  Wladimir Klitschko

Record: 56-3-0 (49 KOs)

6.  Timothy Bradley

Record: 27-0-0 (11 KOs)

7.  Pongsaklek Wonjongkam

Record: 78-3-1 (42 KOs)

8.  Giovani Segura

Record: 28-1-1 (24 KOs)

Ward Froch

With only one more hurdle before him, Andre Ward has been the stand out performer at the Super 6 World Boxing Classic.

9.  Andre Ward

Record: 23-0 (13 KOs)

10.  Bernard Hopkins

Record: 52-5-2 (32 KOs)

ESPN Top 3 Pound-For-Pound:

1. Manny Pacquiao

2. Sergio Martinez

3. Nonito Donaire

*Apologies for it only being the Top 3; but we did not wish to contribute the $3.33/month to Dan Rafael’s hot dog fund it would have required to read his hallowed Top 20.

Boxrec.com’s Top 10 P4P List of Active Fighters

1. Manny Pacquiao

2. Wladimir Klitschko

3. Vitali Klitschko

4. Bernard Hopkins

5. Sergio Martinez

6. Juan Manuel Marquez

7. Timothy Bradley

8. Lucian Bute

9. Andre Ward

10. Jean Pascal

Best Boxers of All-Time

Ranking Factors:

  • Offensive skills (out of 100 points)
  • Defensive skills (out of 80 points)
  • Level of opponents beat (50 points)
  • Tenacity/heart (40 points)
  • Ring Generalship/Fighting Intelligence (40 points)
  • Longevity (out of 50 points)
  • Successful Title defences/unification bouts (12 points per defence of a major sanctioning bodies belt)
  • Winning titles in multiple weight classes (bonus of 4 points per additional weight class in which world titles were held)
  • Winning The Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year Award (6 points for first award; 8 points for second; 10 for third and 12 for any beyond the third)

The formula is thus (on points per factor): title defenses* (level of opponents beat/100) + offensive boxing skills + defensive boxing skills + heart/tenacity + ring intelligence + longevity + multiple weight class bonus = final ranking points total. We feel that the actual defence of a title donates significant weight in terms of overall greatness. We’ve then factored in the level of opponents faced before adding the various attribute rankings factors in to the mix.

Note that for the purposes of these rankings we only consider WBA, IBF, WBC and WBO belts as legitimate world titles. In the case of early modern era fighters we’ve only used the world championship as a denoting of the term “title” or “world title”.

The aim with these rankings and this ranking system is to move away from the typical “Top 10/20/50/100″ type list and find a formula that can be applied to any and all fighters to establish their mathematical claims to greatness – or even the extent to which current fighters have progressed towards this. For that reason we’ve thrown in some wild-card names into our first rankings list for the purposes of a) testing out our formula and b) curiosity.

Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez

All-time Pound-for-Pound List

1. Julio Cesar Chavez 423 points

2. Joe Louis 399 points

3. Henry Armstrong 396 points

4. Muhammed Ali 392 points

5. Roy Jones Junior 365 points

6. Evander Holyfield 360 points

7. Bernard Hopkins 359 points

8. Pernell Whitaker 358 points

9. Manny Pacquiao 357 points

10.  Larry Holmes 351 points

11. Chris Eubank 348 points

12. Sugar Ray Robinson 343 points

13. Carlos Monzon 340 points

14. Lennox Lewis 337 points

15. Willie Pep 336 points

=15. Roberto Duran 336 points

17. Oscar de la Hoya 334 points

18. Floyd Mayweather Jnr. 332 points

=18. Marvin Hagler 332 points

=18. Joe Calzaghe 332 points

21. Shane Mosley 325 points

22. Miguel Cotto 314 points

23. Thomas Hearns 310 points

24. Mike Tyson 307 points

25. Kostya Tszyu 306 points

26. James Toney 303 points

27. Nigel Benn 301 points

=27. Alexis Arguello 301 points

29. Matthew Saad Muhammad 293 points

30. Rocky Marciano 292 points

31. George Foreman 287 points

32. Joe Frazier 285 points

=32. Sugar Ray Leonard 285 points

This list will be updated once more past and current champions have had their names and records run through our formula; so stay tuned! For the first beta run of the ranking formula we’ve intentionally excluded a handful of the all-time greats who will be added shortly.

We appreciate your feedback and discussion on the above!