Boxing Star Andre Dirrell Training Alongside Floyd Mayweather: Team Pacquiao Asking Floyd For Pictures

Boxing star Andre Dirrell is working hard at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas where he trains alongside P4P King Floyd Mayweather.

Dirrell wrote on his Twitter page @andredirrell that it is always great to watch and talk to Floyd about boxing.

 “It’s always a privalidge to see the champ work!”

Andre also writes that while at the Mayweather gym there were a few team Pacquiao members asking Floyd for pictures.

“Man why they got some of the people from Pacman’s camp up in here lol swear fo!  They taking pics wit floyd and telling him that too!”

Check out these pic’s from the @andredirrell twitter page:

Boxing stars Andre Dirrell and Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas / pic Twitter @andredirrell