Boxing Trainer Kevin Cunningham: Mayweather vs Ortiz No Controversy

Boxing trainer and manager Kevin Cunningham works with boxing star Devon Alexander. Kevin was on hand in Las Vegas to watch the Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz fight.

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3 Responses to “Boxing Trainer Kevin Cunningham: Mayweather vs Ortiz No Controversy”

  1. corn says:

    Are you kidding me? This fight is marred with controversy. You can’t tell me that was an impressive and classy performance by Floyd. First of all, Floyd while leading the fight 2 rounds to 1 on the scorecard was about to lose round 4 also to even the score. Secondly, Ortiz was showing his inexperience but also roughing up floyd on the ropes and using his strength and size to get inside with success.
    Lastly, while it may technically have been legal, you don’t hit a guy who is apologizing and showing sportsmanship with his hands down and defenseless. That was a completely classless and tasteless act. Something that a true champion would never do to win a fight.

    This fight is all controversy and a rematch MUST be made if Floyd keeps ducking Pacquiao.

    • Drake says:

      WTF? Victor wasn’t doing shit. Floyd was making him look like a amateur. And you seem to be forgetting how tasteless and classless the fucking headbutt Ortiz hit Floyd with was. If Floyd headbutted Victor and then he clocked PBF off guard you would be saying fair play. I didn’t think so at first but now I know for sure that you are nothing but a Floyd hater.

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