12 Crazy, Crazy Nights of Boxing’s Past

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton: The Media Shakedown Coming Straight Outta Cape Town.

Mike Tyson vs Andrew Golota Polish Paradox

Tyson later tested positive for marijuana, which saw the commission change the result from a technical knockout to no contest.

James Miller aka Fan Man

Miller would later say, “It was a heavyweight fight, and I was the only guy who got knocked out. Madman Fan Man would go on to parachute onto the roof of Buckingham Palace, London resulting in him being banned from England for life.

Nine years after his collision with boxing folklore Miller committed suicide, on an Alaskan hiking trail, by asphyxiating himself with a nylon strap tied to a tree. His body would only be found by hunters some six months later.

Referee Attacked at Seoul Olympic Games

Keith Walker penalized South Korean bantamweight Byun Jong-Li two points for intentional head-butting on his Bulgarian opponent at the Seoul Olympics, the crowd was enraged. Korean coach Lee Houng-Soo took it rather personally & simply punched the referee.

Security staff, one other Korean team trainer, and members of the crowd stormed into the ring and a riot ensued. The Bulgarian president of the refereeing committee was also targeted by those rioting. The referee was rescued by a reluctant police and was out of Seoul on the next available flight.

How Low Can You Go – The Garden Goes Down in Chaos

Riddick Bowe Vs Elijah Tillery: Kung Fu Fighting

Holyfield vs Tyson II: Another One Bites The Dust


Margarito Hand-wrap Controversy

Oliver McCall’s Public Breakdown

Roger Mayweather’s Ring Return vs Zab Judah

Mike Tyson vs Lou Savarese & the Referee

Lesser Known Fighter vs. Referee Epic KTFO

First Round. First Punch KO. James Thunder!!

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