Boxing & MMA Trash Talking Hall of Fame

Boxing & MMA Trash Talking Hall of Fame

Boxing & MMA

Hyperbole,  vile insults, compelling wit & focused articulated aggression

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts have both produced some brilliant orators through the years. Talking smack about an opponent or potential opponent has been refined into an art form by a handful of the finest exponents of trash talking in both sporting codes.

MMA & UFC Trash Talking

Boxing Big Mouths

Boxing has produced its fair share of articulate & arrogant champions down the years. As no less than Mohammed Ali once said, “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” The fusing of a boxer as both a professional athlete and an entertainer whose role takes on the custodianship of marketing both individual fights & the trajectory of the sport as a whole was an area that Ali of course pioneered; I’d term his contribution revolutionary. Boxing’s future break out mainstream crossover transcending superstars need to take a page out of the following fighters’ play book in terms of stimulating excitement & public hunger for fistic feasts aplenty!

Chael Sonnen

American Bad Ass

Chael Sonnen managed to take amusing insults and verbal batterings to new heights in the build up to his showdown with Anderson Silva & interest in the fight inflated accordingly. He did a superb job of selling the PPV card to the public, but unlike David Haye for example, actually put in a performance on fight night worthy of the build up. Check out some of Chael Sonnen’s best sound bites: