Heavyweight Rankings Top 10

Heavyweight Rankings

The best of the (still) worst division in the sport of boxing.

James Toney Rampage Jackson

James Toney could only liven up this sorry state of a division. At this stage promoters have to be thinking, "Why not?"

The heavyweight division remains the black sheep of boxing with precious little to inspire the admiration of hardcore boxing fans and, after Toegate, even less seemingly on the horizon. With that said, here then are our Heavyweight Top 10 Rankings for end of August, 2011:

1. Wladimir Klitschko 56 wins 3 losses

2. Vitali Klitschko 42 wins 2 losses

3. Tomasz Adamek 44 wins 1 loss

4. Cris Arreola 33 wins 2 losses

5. Tony Thompson 36 wins 2 losses

6. Alexander Povetkin 22 wins 0 losses

7. Ruslan Chagaev 27 wins 2 losses 1 bout even

8. Robert Helenius 16 wins 0 losses

9. David Haye 25 wins 2 losses and one major embarrassment to the sport of boxing

10. Eddie Chambers 36 wins 2 losses