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Boxing’s Best Nations Pound For Pound


The sport of boxing enjoys virtual universal appeal – which nation state though has provided the sport with the

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Worlds collide. Boxing is a universal language with a timeless appeal.

most champions? OK, the dice is loaded hugely in favor of nations with several hundred million inhabitants against those countries with far fewer inhabitants. Thus; first I’ve throw up a nominal leader-board & then one where I have taken the number of legitimate world champions adjusted on a per capita basis such that each nation’s number is converted so as to be proportionate to the American populace. Sound as complicated as the Mayweather vs Pacquiao negotiations? Let me show you an example:

Say Canada produce 21 world champions. We take those 21; divide them by Canada’s population (34,482,779) & multiply by the population of the United States (312,737,000). We thus get an equivalent, weighted or “pound-for-pound” if you will # of champions Canada would have theoretically produced with a population the size of the United States’. In this example Canada scores 190; so well behind the US’s 436.

Additionally I’ve done an analysis of the Members of the Boxing Hall of Fame (with both nominal & per capita ranking lists) & will supply that in a future article. The Boxing Hall of Fame ranks are perhaps more instructive when you consider the dilution of the term “world champion” in the alphabet soup era.

Please note that I’ve only included WBA, WBC, WBO & IBF World Champions & (of course) pre-alphabet era champions of the world. Thus Puerto Rico claims 43 & not the 64 that would include the likes of Aléx Trujillo who won an IBA “world title” in 2003 & is included in the more expansive list (including on Wikipedia by the way) but not on mine.

Boxing World Champions (Weighted US Equivalent)

Marquez Bradley

American, Mexican & Mexican Americans have a rich history of world championship success that continues to this day.

Pound-for-Pound World Series of Boxing

  1. Virgin Islands 8,817 (Gold)
  2. Puerto Rico 3,609 (Silver)
  3. Panama 2,571 (Bronze)

Guyana (former British Guyana) 1,992

Samoa 1,699

Barbados 1,132

Wales 1,041

Belize 1,000

Bahamas 884

Northern Ireland 869

Jamaica 809

Scotland 798

Guadeloupe 678

Nicaragua 484

Dominican Republic 467

Trinidad & Tobago 466

USA 436

Ireland 410

Cuba 362

Mexico 342

Venezuela 340

Denmark 336

England 307

Argentina 281

Namibia 274

Australia 247

Columbia 216

Armenia 191

Canada 190

North & South Korea (combined) 190

Thailand 184

South Africa 161

France 159

Slovenia 152

Japan 152

Italy 144

Croatia 141

Norway 125

Mongolia 114

Philippines 113

Hungary 94

Ghana 90

Kazakhstan 75

Germany 73

Spain 68

Sweden 66

Haiti 63

Tunisa 59

Romania 58

Kyrgyzstan 57

El Salvador 50

Ukraine 48

Serbia 44

Israel 40

Uganda 38

Belarus 33

Greece 29

Russia 26

Poland 25

Senegal 24

Uzbekistan 22

Holland/Netherlands 19

Nigeria 10

Brazil 7

Indonesia 5

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