Bradley vs. Mayweather Jr.: Should Bradley Postpone This Thought
October 15, 2013 Boxing History

Proving yourself as a boxing champion can sometimes take a lot longer and turn out to be more intricate than one would expect. For Timothy Bradley (31-0-0), it has been a long and torturous road, with harsh criticism from the boxing fans and media around every corner. His victory against Manny Pacquiao earned him nothing but aggressive and offensive negative response from the public, leaving him with low confidence and a ravaged mental state.

Nevertheless, he pushed on. The Provodnikov fight showed Timothy as not only a boxer, but a fighter with a huge heart and determination. The fans wanted to see him fight, and that’s exactly what Bradley did against the dangerous Russian.

And now, after showing a phenomenal boxing ability against a technical virtuoso Juan Manuel Marquez, and claiming a hard fought victory, Bradley has finally earned a nod from the boxing media and fans. So what is the next step for Bradley? Who should he focus on next?

The options seem to be plentiful: Rios if he beats Pacquaio, Pacquiao rematch if he beats Rios, Juan Manuel Marquez rematch, and of course last and most dangerous, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Of course boxing involves heavy politics, thus some of the fights would be much harder to make than others. For Bradley, choosing the next opponent should be a very well thought out process, with future in mind.

Bradley has been talking about facing Mayweather Jr. for a long time, but is this a smart fight to chase? Financially, no doubt. But is Bradley ready to take an unnecessary loss?

Don’t get me wrong, Timothy is a tremendous champion, and as all other champions, he would come out with another “L” on his record if he decides to face Mayweather Jr. Why not fight Pacquiao again and make a ton of money instead?

Unfortunately, Mayweather Jr. has become an unbeatable fighter in many people’s minds, and this idea remains true and gets solidified with every fight he wins. Beating Floyd would elevate any fighter’s career to an otherwise unreachable height, and that’s the bait.

Bradley has already stated that he wants to face Mayweather Jr., and being that Floyd is extraordinarily smart in selecting his opponent, I believe that Tim will get his long sought-out fight.

What do you think? Should Bradley seek a Mayweather Jr. fight, or see how the Rios/Pacquiao fight turns out?

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