Bradley vs Provodnikov & Vargas vs Omotosu fight predictions

Bradley vs Provodnikov & Vargas vs Omotosu fight predictions

By: Albert Alvarez

Saturday, March 16, 2013 Live on HBO

Timothy Bradley Jr.(29-0) vs. Ruslan Provodnikov(22-1) (WBO welterweight title)- Provodnikov is a very stubborn fighter that is bent on overpowering his foes. Bradley however, has the boxing style that is not too cute, yet, not too raw. The thing that I like the most about Timmy, is his boxing IQ, it’s something that is often overlooked. Usually when one thinks of boxing IQ, the names of Mayweather, Ward, Hopkins, Marquez, and Sergio Martinez come to mind.


But I have been studying Bradley a lot as of late, and it’s the often missed little things that he does that make him hard to beat. He does this thing where he’ll circle you then he fires out a ruler throw away jab to find the distance needed, then he touches you to the body and then rips you with a hook upstairs. Now to the un-trained eye, that may not sound like much, but Bradley consistently does this and very often finds success in his approach.


Provodnikov will need to tip toe around the base, he has a slugger mentality so if he is too forceful, then he will walk directly into a right hand that will more than likely be followed by a watermelon(Bradley’s head).The key for Ruslan, will be to be aggressive, yet subtle. And “subtle aggression” my friends, is something that I do not think that he will be able to do. To beat Timmy, one must not waste punches, you must make every punch count, and you must pull him out of the outlet. Slow him the F down, Tuck your chin and force him to think twice about unloading his gunfire on you. I’m picking The Desert Storm Bradley to win by late stoppage or by Unanimous Decision.



Jessie Vargas(21-0) vs. Wale Omotosu(23-0) (welterweight)– This fight is very hard to call. I keep on going back and forth on this one. I feel that Wale will have to increase his punch output in order to keep Vargas under control. Vargas will have to work behind a stiff effective jab and must wisely set his opponent up with counter crosses on top of Omotosu’s stretched out jab. It’s going to be a very good action fight with brutal exchanges. Once again, it’s difficult to call this one. But since I’m being pressed to pick a winner, my pick is going to go to Vargas winning a close decision that could possibly go either way. Vargas by split decision.