Brandon Rios States He Can Knock Out Pacquiao As Well As Marquez

After his win over Mike Alvarado (33-1-0) this past Saturday, Brandon Rios (31-0-0) has already begun the process of making absurd statements and promises. I understand that a win like this adds not only to the bank account and the resume of Rios, but most importantly elevates his confidence and ego. All his is good, and will give Rios more motivation to train even harder and keep his career on a steady path to the very top.

Having said that, there are some things that could potentially land a fighter in deep waters with the media, and RingTV has a good example of that in what Rios had recently stated when discussing Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao:

“You see what happened to Mike Alvarado? I think I could do the same thing to them, too. Mike Alvarado, I think, he hits harder than them and he’s more tougher. Pacquiao’s an in and out guy. But you know what? Like I always do, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. taught me very well. Break the body down and the head will fall down,” said Rios.

I’m sorry, but these statements are too default and repetitive lately. A win is a win, but promising to knock out Pacquiao? Marquez? Absurd. Maybe not impossible, but certainly illogical at this point in time.

Rios has a great record, but many of the names are simply irrelevant. Before even requesting to be considered for a fight like that, Rios needs to do what he did this past Saturday a couple more times, and only then can we speculate. There have been too many people claiming they can do this and that against the top dogs, but as history tells, this is rarely the case.

False hype is good because its hype nonetheless, but burying your reputation with silly words is usually damaging to one’s career. Stay humble and do the talking in the ring, then the right time to show off might present itself.