Brandon Rios Warns Pacquiao That He Is Not Just Another Margarito

“To me I think and I felt that from his camp, I’m another Margarito… just coming forward and take a beating. That’s not gonna happen. I’m younger and coming up in weight and I want that fame,” said the Brandon Rios in a recent interview.

Unfortunately all those reasons have been given before, and it’s clear that they simply don’t cut it. Coming up in weight and wanting fame, seem like default reasons for doing anything in any sport, but physically and stylistically boxing requires more than someone simply wanting to win. Rios is diving in the pool with a shark, and not just any shark, he is diving in a pool with a very hungry and pissed of shark that is Manny Pacquiao. Manny wants to be back in the spotlight, and just because he has been there before, he will work that much harder to get there again.

Is Brandon Rios the same a Antonio Margarito? Of course they are not the same, just very similar. Coming forward and taking a beating is hardly what Margarito did, but it sure as hell looked like it. Margarito’s intent was to win the fight by using his size and power. Rios is likely planning on the same approach. If he is planning on outperforming Pacquiao in a technical boxing match, luck wouldn’t be enough for Rios.

And it’s not because Pacquiao is a master technician in the ring, far from it, but because Pacquiao will keep coming forward, for the entire 12 rounds if need be. Manny’s stamina and phenomenal power is what will play a role in this fight, and the only way he can lose, if by being once again knocked out, which is not as realistic of a scenario as it would be against Marquez or Mayweather Jr.

This fight was made for Pacquiao to win, and I am sorry to say, but there is very little strategic advice to be given to Rios. Survive and try to land as much as he can, would be the best way to go about it for team Rios. Of course Brandon is a true fighter and champion, thus this kind of advice would not fly.

He wholeheartedly believes that he will win this fight, and will use everything in his arsenal to make that happen. I am excited to see this fight, but for a very one sided reason: I just want to see Pacquiao back in the ring dominating as he used to at some point in time.


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