Brave Murray halted in 11 rounds by formidable Golovkin

By Ben Walton in Monaco


Saturday night in Monaco, saw Britain’s Martin Murray go out on his shield against unbeaten knockout artist Gennady GGG Golovkin at the Salle Des  Etioles in Monte Carlo.

For Murray it was his third shot at a world title, after coming up short in previous attempts against Sergio Martinez and Felix Sturm – fights many observers felt he should have won.  Saturday night however was a different kind of party, and it became apparent as early as the 4th round that the Brit was in with a fighter of a completely different calibre to his previous foes.

The first round started with a cagey opening from both fighters,  Murray adopting a tight guard and moving well on the back foot, whilst Golovkin – range finding with the jab, looked to cut off the ring and stalk his prey, not many shots thrown from either fighter as both looked to be feeling their way into the fight. Golovkin round

The 2nd round saw the fight come to life, as the relentless Golovkin found success with his march forward attacking style. Backing Murray against the ropes he unleashed a powerful looking uppercut to the chin of Murray, who in turn replied with a quick combination, as he slipped out of range. Good action from both fighters with Golovkin taking the round again.

Going into the 3rd Murray looked to have realised the enormity of the job in hand, with a tight high guard, the Brit was finding it tough to slow down Golovkin and  looked to tie the Kazakh up whenever he could. More marauding pressure from Golovkin, gave him success at the end of the round as a left right combination rocked Murrays head back drawing cheers from the proud Kazakhstan section of the crowd. Another Golovkin round.

Round 4 saw the most action so far, when 2 minutes in Golovkin dropped Murray with a powerful shot to the stomach. Murray took a knee to gain composure, only to be dropped again moments later by a spitefully thrown right hand to the chin. Murray – face looking bloodied, weathered the storm to survive the round.

The 5th round was when most in the arena expected Golovkin to close the show, but Murray held on, Gaining his composure he got back to his Boxing. Still under pressure from the stalking GGG, the Brit managed to fire back a few shots of his own whilst trying to keep out of range. This was short lived though as the end of the round saw another crunching combination from Golovkin, which further marked up Murrays face and bloodied the nose.

Round 6 again saw Murray bravely dig in, as he got his shots going in an attempt to get himself back into the second half of the fight. Murray had some good success in this round, but it was clear that the relentless kazakh would not be slowed down and the shots of Murray did little to halt the Middleweight Kings forward march.

Round 7 was a pretty even round with no telling exchanges, more of the same from Golovkin with Murray showing tremendous heart as the man from St Helens proudly held his ground in a fight many though would be over by now.

Round 8 and both fighters looking visibly tired,  Golovkin again looking to open up the defences of Murray with well-placed shots. Towards the end of the round Golovkin gets through with a thudding right hand whilst Murray ties his man up to try and stem the onslaught.  A tired looking slip from Murray tellingly showing how much this fight had already taken out of him.

Round 9 had Golovkin walking Murray towards the ropes where he looked to land fight ending blows. Golovkin looking more fatigued in this round,  seemed frustrated as Murrays defences held out to hear the bell.

Going into the 10th round Murray looked spent as he rose from his stool, face bloodied he adopted the high guard again as Golovkin looked to end it on the ropes. Good shots from both fighters in this round as Murray seemed to be going out on his shield, a crisp right hand towards the end from Golovkin saw Murray dropped for a 6 count but again he rose to see the end of the round.

Round 11.  Golovkin capitalising on the last knockdown, moved in for the finish. A surge of unanswered shots from the champion left his opponent reeling on the ropes as the referee stepped in to save the Brave Murray from any further punishment.

Golovkin now moves to 32 (29) -0 with a unification fight with Miguel Cotto top of his wish list.