Broner vs Demarco Rd by Rd

Adrien Broner vs Antonio Demarco

Rd 1 Both fighters feel eachother out – Broner gets rd.

Rd 2 Brober looking great at 135 lands many shots. rd to broner.

Rd 3 Demarco lands a few shots broner answers.

Rd 3 Demarco lands a body shots. Broner Answers. Rd to Broner

Rd 4 Broner landing shots demarco getting close. Broner keeps landing. rd to broner

rd 5 broner landing many shots fans on their feet. Broner looks in full control. rd to broner

Rd 6 Broner and Demarco exchange. Broner landing many big shots. rd to broner.

Rd 7 Demarco throwing many punches. broner answers. Demarco has his best rd. rd to demarco.

Rd 8 broner lands a few shots demarco tries to answer. Broner lands about 6 in row. Demarco is down ref stops fight. Broner Wins.