Mirage of Adrien Broner Spells Out Boxing’s Fraudulent Hierarchy

The Search for an Heir Apparent is a Fool’s Errand… 

Adrien Broner is a “three time, three division world champion” – when one de-constructs this hyperbolic reality one notes he is also a fighter who has only one successful title defence – against a guy who had a wafer thin resume himself & hasn’t fought since in Eloy Perez. The two biggest names on his dance-sheet were fights won under contentious circumstances – many gave both Malignaggi & a past his best Daniel Ponce De Leon the nod on their unofficial scorecards.

21 of his 28 opponents have had winning records coming in. 17 of these opponents had ten or more professional fights. 10 of these opponents were coming off a win in the bout before they faced The Problem. Broner wins 9 of these 10 fights – with 7 of those wins being largely undisputed. Is there not something inherently flawed with the sport’s status quo when you can become a “three time, three division world champion” off the back of just 7 vaguely credible victories?

In just Broner’s 5th professional fight in 2008, he featured on the under-card of Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao. His 6th bout came on the under-card of Shane Mosley vs Antonio Margarito. His is a talent which has enjoyed a substantial amount of promotional investment & goodwill. His amateur credentials include the 2002 and 2003 National Silver Gloves Champion & a 2005 National Junior Olympics semifinal.

Broner’s first international class win (vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon) was a disputable one – HBO’s unofficial judge Harold Lederman scored the bout 96-94 for Ponce de Leon. “The Problem” only threw 351 punches over the course of ten rounds. His annexation of the welterweight strap proved yet more controversial…

Paulie fought exactly like I thought he would fight. I took his title and I took his girl.” Adrien Broner

Tom Schreck is a New York judge that is in Al Haymon’s pocket. 117-111 is a disgrace. I’m not saying it was fixed but the politically more-connected fighter always gets the close decision.” Paulie Malignaggi

Is Broner’s a Talent Pre-Ordained to be Squandered? 

Adrien Broner‘s juvenile record is not available since most states hide these from the public record. His documented legal troubles began just before his 18th birthday when he was charged with Aggravated Robbery & 2 counts of Felonious Assault and Battery (the severity of the crime meant he was charged as an adult). All charges were classed as Felonies. He posted bail of $100,000 cash, but violated his bond when he was again charged with Assault and Battery (a misdemeanour on this occasion).

In September 2008 he was charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon (another Felony). While awaiting trial he was charged with Intimidation of a Witness and Aggravated Menacing in December 2008. But this was dismissed 3 months later due to a lack of feasible evidence. That was deemed  a violation of his second bond.

He was arrested in December 2012, for yet another Assault and Battery. When Adrien Broner was arrested outside a Miami Beach hotel nightclub early Monday March 18, 2013 & charged with battery for allegedly biting a security guard who was trying to break up a fight at 3 a.m. it was deemed a violation of his bond on the December 2012 charges. At just 24 years of age Broner has an extensive history of involvement with the criminal justice system & has fathered five children.

As the man himself puts it, “I’ve done been in some crazy situations. Some crazy situations. I’m talking about being held at gun point. When was 18, I was in jail. I missed the Olympics. I was facing 57 years. I couldn’t hit no bags, or nothing, so I beat up on guys.

When they talk about Broner flushing money down the toilet, you can’t tell a man what to do with his money but when you got kids and you give them money and they squander it – and you check them – they said ‘daddy I saw you do it’. The seed is only going to follow what the tree does. Golden Boy is not fathers, parents, and not even their entourage or the people who are with them (who are) closer. I know it’s not a good look. I don’t even know if the money was real, but let’s assume it is. I think it’s something where you look back, and he will look back on it. We all did something that was dumb and stupid coming up. Some things are so embarrassing that people will never admit to it. I never did anything with money because I had a different way of thinking. With time comes wisdom for most. If you’re in this game long enough, you will grow up by force.Bernard Hopkins

Adrien Broner ‏@AdrienBroner 31 Oct
Me and Sam Watson first class on our way to the press conference to whoop @chinomaidana easy money pic.twitter.com/0w68aoexKu

The Kia SUV driver > The Bentley Slip Holder

Maidana dropped the previously unbeaten Broner in the second and eighth rounds and won by comfortable margins on all three judges scorecards, 115-110, 116-109, 117-110. Maidana was a 3/1 underdog entering this fight. He has now won four consecutive fights under the tutelage of boxing trainer Robert Garcia. The sequence now runs:

Jesús Soto Karass

Ángel Martínez

Josésito López

Adrien Broner

Maidana first fought outside of his native Argentina on 2007-06-30 & first fought in America on 2009-06-27 against Victor Ortiz. His first loss came against Andriy Kotelnik in his previous bout. Notable wins have come against a 24-1-1 Victor Ortiz; a 51-6 Erik Morales; a 37-13-1 DeMarcus Corley; a 26-7-3 Jesus Soto Karass & a 30-5 Josesito Lopez & now a 27-0 Adrien Broner.

Notable Previous WBA Welterweight Champions & How Many Times They Defended Their Title Successfully (by reign): 

Jack Britton 14
Mickey Walker 6
Henry Armstrong 18
Sugar Ray Robinson 5
Kid Gavilan 7
Emile Griffith (3rd reign) 4
Curtis Cokes 5
José Nápoles 3
José Nápoles (2nd reign) 9
José Cuevas 11
Thomas Hearns 3
Sugar Ray Leonard 1
Donald Curry 7
Ike Quartey 7
Miguel Cotto 4

List includes champions certificated by the National Boxing Association (NBA) as the WBA was known as pre-1962.

After the judges’ scores of 115-110, 116-109 and 117-109 were announced in favor of the Argentine star, Broner ran out of the ring. “I’m OK. I’m still the three-time world champion in three different weight classes,” Broner said. This is in stark contrast to his pre-fight claims “I don’t even know if I’m gonna win. I’m gonna put it in God’s hands (looks to sky). Get the fuck out of here. I’m gonna beat his motherfucking ass.

Maidana landed 57 punches in the opening two rounds to only 13 for Broner. Maidana floored Broner in the eighth. After a standing eight count, Broner again went to the canvas after a head-butt. Broner remained on the canvas and in a corner for about three minutes before returning to action. This sort of play-acting made him (if indeed it were possible) less popular with a crowd who heavily backed the Argentine underdog throughout.

The narrator of All Access: Broner vs. Maidana spelt out a cautionary note when he said, “ say this for Broner… he has no problem enjoying the fruits of his labor“. That Broner “celebrated” his controversial win against Paulie Malignaggi by going on tour with “hip-hop royalty TI; Lil Wayne & Soldier Boy“. Malignaggi weighed in with his claim to a fight with the new champion saying  ‘I’m not Adrien Broner; I throw punches!

A word on Robert Garcia‘s involvement – the recalibration of a robust if fissured talent in Maidana to topple the mounting illusion of boxing’s new pound for pound heir apparent must rank among the most notable achievements of his already glittering coaching career.

Boxing needs to stop looking for the next Mayweather & accept that such era-defining phenomenons need to develop organically & are by definition unique.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting.com

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton