Can Pacquiao Fight For Three More Years?

“In my mind right now, maybe I can still fight maybe two to three years from now,” stated Pacquiao in a recent interview.

That’s a great sentence, but can he fight for that long?

While I wouldn’t say that Pacquiao is shot, far from it, still I believe that his best days are far behind him.

Psychologically there is no way that Manny is 100% as far as boxing is concerned, and the main drive for him is something that most fighters experience, the crowd effect. He wants to be on top again, he wants to feel that he is the ultimate name in the sport of boxing, and he believes that he can still do it all.

Maybe he can, but risking what his name is and what it can become if he fights for the wrong reasons with less than 100% heart and effort may not be worth it. Sure he could fight Rios, and I honestly think that it will be a piece of cake fight for Manny, but where would he go from there?

Facing Marquez again is an absolute risk, and fighting Mayweather Jr., while would make more money than any other fight in sports history, is fighting against all odds at this point in Pacman’s career.

Thinking that he can still fight for a while is healthy for him, but I am hoping that Roach and his family are able to step in and demand he stop fighting if he is not looking like he is supposed to in or out of the ring.

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