Can Pacquiao KO Marquez?

3 Questions, 3 Answers
By: Albert Alvarez

1- Can Pacquiao KO Marquez once and for all? For Pacquiao to be able to knockout Juan Manuel Marquez once and for all, Manny Pacquiao is going to have to let his hands go a lot more than he recently has been doing in his most rcent fights. Against Marquez 3 and Bradley, Pacquiao looked very gun shy to me.
The reason why I believe that has been the case, is because Pacquiao’s inner confidence is no longer where it used to be. Has Pacquiao lost a step or two? Yes, of course he has, but what Pacquiao believes inside is what I feel is truly stopping him from letting loose.
The Pacquiao of old threw each punch with the self belief that he could destroy you with each punch that was launched. The Pacquiao of late, seems to overthink and at times second guesses himself, thus allowing his opponent to swim out of the deep water and into the shore.
Pacquiao is going to have to think and react like a savage all over again, if he does this, Pacquiao can stop Marquez in his tracks once and for all. Will Pacquiao be able to finish Marquez? My answer is no.
Marquez has Pacquiao’s card and has solved the Pacquiao puzzle. Marquez is the best in the world at being ale to punch WITH his opponent, and that my fiends, will keep Pacquiao guessing all night long.
2- Is Donaire the best boxing has? I would say that Andre Ward and Adrien Broner are the best that boxing has. Donaire is a very special fighter, but I would right now have to rank Ward and Broner above him. I do see what Top Rank is doing however, Top Rank is setting up Donaire to fight a thirsty fighter like Jorge Arce to give Donaire the best chance of providing us with another Montiel like K.O. Donaire will then walk directly into the spot that Pacquiao will leave behind.
The plan is to have Donaire ice Arce and then push Donaire into a Pay Per View attraction.
3- Adamek – Cunningham 2 can this be the fight of the year?- If this fight can be as electric as their first encounter, I don’t see why not. Both fighters have a lot to prove, Adamek wants to prove that the first time was no fluke, and Cunningham is out to show Adamek that he has reinvented himself into a whole ‘nother level.
As of right now, Rios/Alvarado takes the cake.