Canelo Alvarez Beast Josesito Lopez as fight is stopped in 5th

Canelo Alvarez vs Josesito Lopez Rd by Rd

15K fans going wild as canelo walks in.

Rd 1 Lopez looks taller. canelo takes time to set up lopez goes for a jab. Lopez goes for body. fans yell canelo. canelo lands some punches lopez keeps coming. canelo looking sharp lands a few more shots.

Rd 2 lpez stars strong. keep punching lands a few good shots canelo now starts to unleash. fans yell canelo who lands a good body shot. good fight so far. both fighters letting hands go. canelo drops josesito. who gets up rd ends round goes to canelo.

Rd 3 Canelo keeps lopez on his toes. lopez goes in canelo props him with a body shot. lopez gets up canelo puts in more work. lopez not giving up. rd 3 canelo

Rd 4 lopez trying to get back into this fight. lopez going strong after canelo. now canelo drops josesito one more time. josesito gets up.

Rd 5 canelo in control lopez in cornertryong to survive. ref stops fight canelo wins