Canelo Says Mayweather Jr. Contract Close To Being Finalized

Slowly but surely, the rumors as well as the possibility of a Mayweather Jr. vs. Saul Alvarez bout are unfolding, giving us more and more hope that the fight will actually happen.

On his Facebook account, Canelo wrote:

“HOLA!! SALUDOS nuestra siguiente pelea esta planeada para realizarse el 4 de mayo estamos cerca de concretar la pelea con mayweather VAMOS CON TODO!!,”

which Google Translate spit out as:

“HELLO! GREETINGS our next fight is scheduled to take place on May 4 are close to finalizing the Mayweather fight GO WITH EVERYTHING!”

To me, this sounds promising. If their fight is finalized, imagine the PPV numbers it would produce! I am not sure if it would break the Mayweather Jr. vs. Oscar DeLa Hoya numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came very close.

Canelo is now a major name inMexicoand the world of boxing. As far as Mayweather Jr. is concerned, well there is a very good straight forward reason why he is labeled as the PPV King.

This would also be an interesting fight to watch. I am curious how Canelo would fare against Mayweather Jr. Will he be able to find a tactic that works? Would he depends on his size and power?

I wouldn’t bet against Floyd, as I would fully expect him to win in a dominant UD. But for Canelo, this would be a tremendous way to show what he is truly capable of.


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