Canelo vs Trout Rd By Rd Updates

Canelo vs Trout rd by rd updates.

Both fighters coming out now.

Trout in ring. Canelo in ring fans going wild. fight ends

Rd 1 fans going wild as bell rings. trout moves in canelo moves back. fans yelling canelo. now yelling mexico. not alot of punches thrown. trout goes for body. canelo lands fans go wild. trout jabbs. canelo swings and misses. first rd ends

Rd 2 trout starts by jabbing. canelo lands a big one – fans going wild in alamo. trout jabs. canelo moves well. fans yelling mexico. both figters looking for something.

Rd 3 trout keep the jab going but not landing many shots. canelo keeps his right hands up. now some fans behind me yell austin trout but many yell canelo. canelo lands a shot fans cheer. trout answers. as bell sounds trout lands a shot.

Rd 4 as 4 starts both let  thier hands go. canelo is hard to hit. trout lands a few back to back. canelo answers. canelo lands a big left crowed goes wild rd ends.

Rd 5 both trying to jab. canelo lands body shot. trout moves back as canelo moves in. this is a real championship fight both came to win. trout lands a big right. canelo moves forward.

rd 6 Canelo moving great in ring hard to hit. both fighters going at his hard.

Rd 7 canelo drops trout. fans going wilds trout back up. trout hurt but still active. trout lands a few canelo answers. rd ends fans cheer yes we can in spanish.

Rd 8 trout starts rd looking strong. trout comes after canelo. canelo is hard to hit.

Rd 9 both fighters exchange. trout comes strong. trout lands shots. fans yelling canelo.

Rd 10 canelo needs to fix tape on his glove. trout waits. trout starts strong going after canelo. bihg uppercut by canelo trout still in fight. trout very active this rd.

Rd 11 canelo having a good rd. canelo lands fans cheer.

Rd 12 both going at it. both champs want to keep their o. trout lands a jab. trout doing the work in this rd.

fans chers as canelo lands