Canelo: Golden Boy’s Second Coming?

Canelo’s Golden Path

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Golden Boy Promotions VP Eric Gomez announced that Alvarez-Cintron represents the fourth time that Canelo Alvarez has fought on HBO in 2011; making him the first fighter since 1995 to have been featured that many times on the network in a calender year since Oscar de La Hoya. Oscar turned 22 that year; Alvarez hit the legal drinking age in most American states only this past June.

“Cintron is a great test but I’m sure I’ll be the winner this Saturday,” so says Canelo Alvarez.

A year later Oscar de La Hoya was challenging Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez & then in 1997 another all-time great in Pernell Whitaker. These two victories further elevated De La Hoya into the very highest tier of prize fighters of his era. In short, if we extrapolate the implicated correlation between Golden Boy #1 & #2’s careers we’re headed for the inaugural string of mega-fights in Canelo Alvarez’s already exceptional professional boxing career in the next 24 months.

“I have trained hard with sparring partners like Mike Lee and Shane Mosley,” Kermit Cintron.

Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez is the hottest emerging commodity in the sport of boxing today. At 21, he is boxing's heir apparent.

The career acceleration & trajectory of Canelo Alvarez has been nothing short of phenomenal. His gifts as a fighter & his value as a commodity are unique in recent boxing history & exceptionally rare in the annals of boxing taken as a whole. A protege of the pugilistic arts whose marketability is of massive potential will understandably have his dance card managed to an extent. As it should be. Cintron, though, presents a logical step up in class.

The balancing act between matching a future cash cow for Golden Boy & indeed the sport itself with a game opponent whilst simultaneously also a safe one can be a delicate exercise. Too tin can-esque  an opponent & you alienate hardcore boxing fans & ultimately you sully the prestige of the fighter’s brand with accusations of padding of credentials such as those habitually directed toward a Canelo contemporary in Julio Cesar Chavez Junior the sort of caustic characterization that often makes itself chronically resistant to logic.

Too game & you risk several hazards – think Amir Khan vs Breidis Prescott or, worse yet, Meldrick Taylor vs Julio Cesar Chavez. Ultimately Cintron – of the current vintage in any event – is probably in that sweet-spot between too easy & too dangerous a foe. He’ll be viewed as an opponent Canelo should have too much for but one whose name beefs up the red haired Mexican champion’s burgeoning CV all the same.

International bookmakers certainly seem to agree Canelo is unlikely to get derailed with Cintron on offer at 13/2 & Canelo Alvarez on for a rather miserly 1/8.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNews Reporting!

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