Canelo’s Chance at Beating Mayweather Jr. = Same As Was Guerrero’s Chance at Beating Mayweather Jr.

“I know him very well, we have studied him. I’m a distinct fighter. I’m very different than anyone he has ever faced and I feel I’m going to be victorious. His defense is very hard to penetrate, but we are going to come out with the right game plan,” stated the confident Alvarez in a recent interview.

This is all very good and inspiring, but how will Canelo be different than any and all other previous fallen opponents of Floyd’s? Everyone had studies Mayweather Jr. extensively before stepping inside the ring against him, and everyone said that they were different and that they were going to beat him, and of course all had the perfect plan. All of them failed.

To be honest, I don’t think that technically, skill-wise, Mayweather Jr. can be beaten by any fighter. The only fighter that will have a good chance is one that will not only be facing a “physically” old Mayweather Jr., but will also be much stronger and faster than Floyd. If those two conditions are not met, there is no fighter in current boxing that has any chance of coming out a winner.

Despite the fact that I sound like a Floyd fanatic, I am not, and I never was. I simply look at the reality of the situation, the facts of the past, and plug it into an equation.

I think, and I know that I stand to be ravaged by serious criticism for this, that Alvarez’s chance of beating Mayweather Jr. is not any bigger than Guerrero’s was. Aside from being a puncher, his attributes are average at most. He gets winded very quickly, he is sloppy and robotic when is tired, and most certainly doesn’t display any evidence of ring I.Q

Adaptability is top notch ability to posses, of which Canelo has none, and Floyd has an abundance of. Sadly, Floyd is in for another easy night, and Alvarez will collect a rather incredible paycheck and continue his career dominating carefully selected opponents.



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