Carl Froch vs Stevenson If He Wins Should He Fight Mikkel Kessler Again?
January 8, 2013 Boxing News

Carl Froch (30-2, 22 KOs) is one of the best fighters in the world how would he do vs Adonis Stevenson (19-1 16 KOs).

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  1. BoxRec News:

    In Atlantic City on February 16th the winner of Bika-Sjekloca will be mandated to fight Canada-based Romanian Lucian Bute within 90 days.
    The final winner of this tournament will become the mandatory opponent to face Andre Ward for the WBC title.

    ► Why did I mention that ?
    It’s only to make you understand why, in my opinion; I believe Mikkel Kessler’s not thrilled with the idea of fighting Carl Froch for a second time.

    ■1) They fought already, and Kessler won.
    ■2) Kessler never did an optional defence of his WBA title; (On the long term, Is a fight against Froch is profitable enough)
    ■3) Economically, Kessler need to think seriously about the opportunity cost in case his scenario goes wrong.
    ■4) The fight has to be done in Manchester UK, not in Nottingham.
    ■5) According the fact that Froch is clearly ducking Stevenson, Kessler know that Froch needs him. Means Kessler can easely request to increase the amount initially proposed of 2 millions to 4 millions with a clear garanty of getting this amount, victory or not…
    ■6) For Kessler, the IBF title has to be on the table with NO EXTRA CONDITION.

    (NO EXTRA CONDITION) Which means,
    ► Like the WBC situation, if there’s a Kessler-Froch 2 with both WBA & IBF on the line, I believe the winner will be mandated to fight Canada-based Haitian Adonis Stevenson within 90 days.
    This condition, could be a policy from the IBF governing body.
    So Froch must accept, Kessler must accept & the WBA must accept too.

    The unfortunate thing about this, was that Froch or Kessler could end up bypassing Stevenson a second time if a Froch-Kessler 2 happens, because both fighters wants to fight WBA/WBC super middleweight champion Andre Ward.

    ► But Andre Ward is injured and out of the competition for the next 9 months. So they will not be able to maneuver around IBF mandatory challenger Adonis Stevenson for the next 9 month…

    Would Kessler accept the risk to fight Stevenson after Froch, would he ?
    ■ Because if Kessler accepted the desperate proposal of Eddie Hearn, it will be the equivalent of accepting to face Froch and Stevenson within one interval of 6 months, with a purse discount…

    So Kessler, is it really worth it…
    Carl Froch, stop ducking like a chicken; Adonis Stevenson is Faster ►►►

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