James Kirkland Wins Via DQ Over Molina

James Kirkland is talking on Carlos Molina for the WBC title.

Kirkland who is from Texas gets lots of cheers from fans more than Molina.

Rd 1  Both fighters star the fight moving a lot. Both going for the body a lot. Kirkland trying to work the jab Molia lands lots of left shots. Fans yelling Molina. Rd 1 goes to Molina 10-9

Rd 2 Kirkland stars strong. Kirkland landing a good upper cut. Molina tries to charge Kirkland. Molina lands a few jabs on Kirkland. Close Rd. Molina lands more shots gets rd 2 10-9

Rd 3 Molina and Kirkland Exchange. Molina keeps holding Kirklands right hand. James still has not found a way to hurt Molina. This rounds is Molian’s as well. 10-9

Rd 4 Molian lands a few Kirkland answers. Time out 152 in rd Molina needs new mouth peice. Molina landing more shots, Kirklnad has no answer. Rd 4 to Molina 10-9

Rd 5 Kirkland starts strong. James lands a hard left. Molina coming back. Molina holding a lot. Molina lands a left. Lands more as the bell rings. Rd 5 to Molina 10-9

Rd 6 ref warns Kirkland not to hold. Rd opens Molina lands a shot. Kirklan trying to get going Molina moves out of way. Ref tells Molina not to hold Kirkland. Molina getting active as round ends. Rd 6 to Molina 10-9

Rd 7 Rd starts Kirkland Needs new tape on his gloves. Kirklan going after Molina. Molina going nose to nose with Kirkland. Rd 7 to Molina lands more gets Rd 10-9

Rd 8 Molina keeps holding Kirkland’s right hand. Molina landing shot after shot. Rd 8 to Molina 10-9

Rd 9 Molina keeps holding. Kirkland starts strong. Big shot by Molina. Both fighetrs exchange as round ends. Rd 9 to Kirkland

Rd 10  Kirkland stars to land Molian holds him. Molina fights dirty just keeps holding. Kirkland Knocksdown Molina as round ends. Rd to Kirkland 10-8. Ref stops fight as Molina’s corner jumps in ring when ref was doing count down.