Rip Pat & Buddy!


When important people die and its plastered all over the news it become hard  to find something unsaid to say about them. It would be lame to throw shade for the one time they beat your sorry ass team or didn’t give you an autograph, so what’s there to add? I will approach this from my usual oddball perspective. It’s often been said that when someone dies a baby is born. I haven’t done the exact minutes analytics on that but it sounds plausible. If that’s true, god must have been cooking up something amazing that required the use of two strong and unique souls to complete. Mark this date down because 30+ years from now some incredibly innovative person is going to have this birthday. (more…)

Nothing Cavalier About The City Of Cleveland!



Congratulation to the city of Cleveland for winning their first championship in 52 years. The decision, the letter and the injuries have been replaced with the legendary comeback, the block and the shot. The conclusion to the longest running drought for a city could not have been scripted any better. I’m not sure where the Warriors will go from here. It’s a pretty good chance that they will go from league darling to league punching bag in the coming season. It’s hard to see how they make it back to the finals next year if they have to go through Oklahoma City. (more…)



For starters, I predicted a sweep. So going forward, let’s not forget that. It makes more sense for the NBA if this series goes 7 BUT after this new TV deal, maybe that doesn’t matter. At this point I can’t see how the current narrative of this series changes. We root for an exciting Super Bowl, World Series and NBA finals so seeing something that is not worth turning on the TV for can’t possibly be good for business.

Obviously as  sports fans we have seen some amazing and inexplicable feats of will and desire carry a team or player to do some remarkable things, but that requires a level of pride that the Cavs simply do not have. Allowing the Cavs to win game four is only a way to ensure that they can close out the series in California. Sure, allowing the Cavs to win a game is more insulting than Klay and Steph shooting threes late in the 4th during a 30-point blowout but there is nothing Cleveland can do about it at this point. Not only is this series over, but its worse than anyone could have predicted. The Cavs learned absolutely nothing from the OKC series. The Thunder allowed Steph and Klay to beat them, forcing the role players to be great and they struggled, especially Draymond Green.  Steph and Klay combined for 70 points in a game against the Thunder and were still in jeopardy of losing down the stretch several times. When you’re playing against this team you have to put yourself in position to win late, otherwise you’re doomed.  

When the Warriors’ role players are watching, the Splash-Bros show they lose rhythm and are in no position to make shots consistently when that’s your only hope. Make AND1 Steph beat you. He’s a great shooter, but can he make enough of them to win the game alone? He’s a below average passer once he leaves his feet, so even if he beats you, you have to collapse with active hands to increase the probability of him making a mistake.

The Cavs’ lack of consistent fire power makes it hard for them to be effective on any level. Every possible solution to their struggle is hard to implement without causing some degree of internal panic and possible damage to their team chemistry. The alternative is sitting around praying for guys to get going and after a 30-point loss, that can’t be an option. Some sort of lineup change to start game 3 has to be on the table at this point. Starting an attack-first lineup to put the Warriors on their heels could create open looks for the shooters. J.R. Smith needs to come off the bench going forward. It’s time he begins to transition into a sixth man capacity because he is clearly no longer a starting shooting guard in the NBA. His output has been atrocious and it’s clear that Richard Jefferson, a savvy vet, can give them more consistency at that position. (more…)



The 2016 NBA Finals are upon us and I’m going to take this opportunity to address the broader subject of fandom. For starters, being a bandwagon fan isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you don’t have a club or team that you pay to support and follow religiously. BUT if you do, you are a complete disgrace to fans everywhere. I find the number of new Warriors fans repulsive. I get it. You’re only supporting them because you hate Lebron, so should I consider supporting Lebron because I hate all of you? Just because you live in the state of California doesn’t mean that you have to support the Warriors and if you’re a diehard Lakers or Clippers fan, why the hell do you care at all?

Californians are completely oblivious about a lot of things and it appears that being a fan is one of them. This could be a byproduct of the lack of authenticity in the state of California. No matter how you slice it, it’s freaking disgusting and a complete representation of the overall consensus view of the people of this state: flakey, unreliable and no commitment to anything other than what makes them feel good at the moment. Growing up on the East Coast (Oh Shit, this must be some East Coast/West Coast beef, WRONG!) I was and still am a diehard Mets fan. If the Yankees were in the World Series, we rooted against them. If they won, we showed up at the parade, threw eggs and started fights. We damn sure did not support them just because Yankee Stadium was a train ride away. The same went for my Devils. There was ZERO Rangers or Islanders support. You stuck with a side, ride or die.

The fact that everyone in California thinks it’s their job to support the Warriors is disgusting!  Especially if you are a Lakers or Clippers fan, learn how to be fans for god sakes. I guess I’m just mad because these horrendous yuppies are making it impossible for me to root for the historical significance of the Warriors with the Steph Curry public masturbation session or the coronation of Dreymond Green as the best overall power forward in the game, HAHAHAHAH.. Pardon me I had to laugh at that one. The more they allow Steph Curry to ejaculate in their mouths and Klay Thompson to teabag their grandmothers, the more my objectivity is suppressed and my inner hater is exposed. On, is being offered for $1,000 and is going for $20,000, I wonder why!

So who do I have in this series? (more…)

Nick Young Jordan Farmar Join The Lakers

Nick Young will be on the Lakers next season where he will team up with his childhood friend Jordan Farmar.

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