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Ep.5 Proper Smashing 

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Who Won The Battle Of Bad Vs Evil?

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Who Won The Battle Of Bad Vs Evil?

Eddie Chambers Talks Kimbo Slice vs. Klitschkos

We all know Kimbo Slice for his character and his image, but all in all, not too may people take him seriously as a boxer. Kimbo has previously made a series of statements claiming that he could devastate in the ring, but thus far, he has yet to prove it.

Eddie Chambers seems to be one of the few people who believes that Kimbo is not all talk, and respects his attitude: “Another Joke to Boxing.. is Kimbo Slice!!.. I respect his hustle though! I bet ya.. if Kimbo Slice had the chance.. he wont run from the Klitchkos.. Like Povetkin is!!” wrote chamber on this Twitter wall.

I think that comparing Povetkin and Slice as far as boxing is concerned is plain wrong. Povetkin is a proven world class boxer, while Slice has thus far proved absolutely nothing in the boxing ring. If they ever met, I have very high doubts that Slice would last too long in the ring against Povetkin. And if either Klitschko was to take on Slice, the fight would end too soon to make it worth a ticket price.

What I am curious about, is why Chambers decided to make such a naive statement? Either he is trying to aggravate someone, or Chambers is trying to, for some odd reason to provoke either man to take on Kimbo Slice.



Kostya Tszyu Believes That Alexander Povetkin Can K.O. Wladimir Klitschko The Same Way He Did Hasim Rahman

After a recent victory over Hasim Rahman (50-8-2), Alexander Povetkin (25-0-0) is ready and eager to get inside the ring against Wladimir Klitschko (58-3-0). Recently, Povetkin’s trainer and former world champion Kostya Tszyu (31-2-0) made a statement regarding the potential of that fight, stating that he believes that Povetkin can do to Wladimir what he did to Hasim:

“Many people believe that Povetkin will lose to Wladimir Klitschko. Let them believe it if they wish. It gives us a certain tactical advantage. I have ideas that I presented to Alexander. At some point, we will sit down together and discuss all the details of our plan. Meanwhile, I need to sit down and re-watch Wladimir’s numerous fights. Honestly, I would not be here and I would not waste any of my own time, nor would Alexander, if I did not believe that Povetkin can beat Wladimir. I am sure that in the fight against Wladimir, we can beat him in the same fashion as we did Rahman,” stated what confident Tszyu.

I have all the respect in the world for Tszyu, and I wish he hadn’t left boxing so soon after losing to Ricky Hatton, but his statement regarding his pupil Povetkin and his future possible opponent Klitschko is not only naïve, but is also certainly disrespectful. The last time Wladimir fell to such an outcome was long ago against Corrie Sanders (my he rest in peace). Since then, Wladimir became a much more polished and experienced fighter, and I would be surprised if Povetkin is able to dictate the fight even for a few rounds in their fight.

Povetkin is a great fighter no doubt, and Tszyu has done some good work with him, but Wladimir is not Rahman by nay means, and if they believe they can achieve the same outcome, I feel sorry for Povetkin already. Can Povetkin get away from Wladimir’s jab? Can he take Wladimir’s thundering right hand? The answer is a very shaky and uncertain, maybe.

If their fight ever comes to fruition, I think that Povetkin and Tszyu will have to find a completely different approach, as currently, stylistically, Alexander is a perfect opponent for Wladimir’s jab-right combination.

Mariusz Wach Eats A Lot Of Salads. Will This Help Him Beat Wladimir Klitschko?

On November 10th, Mariusz Wach will face Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg, Germany. This is another one of those fights, where despite Wach being a big sized opponent, most people expect Wladimir to dominate.

Wach, according to a piece on GorodokBoxing, is taking this fight seriously, and is preparing not only mentally by hitting the ‘faces’ Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, but also by making sure that his weight and health is in top shape via strict diet.

“Mariusz has a certain weight that is optimal for him, and that’s why he is on a strict diet which I cannot discuss with you. But you will see how powerful he will be on November 10th. Every morning Mariusz weight himself and then I get instructions on what products I need to add or remove from his meals. He weights himself in the evening as well. I can say that the most dietary effort goes into the breakfast, which is very diverse and filling. Then a big lunch and light dinner. Also Mariusz eats a lot of salads, and we laugh saying that he eats all the grass and everything that is colored green,” said Rafael Kadzelka, Wach’s cook.

Thus far Mariusz record stands at (27-0-0), but I don’t think that eating all those salads will help him keep that record come fight night. On the other hand, who knows, this is boxing and everything is possible.


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