Tyson Fury Injured, Fight Off!


The picture of Tyson Fury ankle looks like he branded the number 5 on his foot to getout of that rematch. All jokes aside, as you all know by now the highly anticipated rematch between Tyson Fury and Vladimir Klitschko has been postponed due to an ankle injury by Fury. How a fighter gets a foot injury of that magnitude this close to a fight is baffling, but that’s Tyson Fury. This doesn’t mean that the fight is off it just means that its TBD and that could be a good thing for Mr. Fury. I must admit when I first heard the news of this injury I thought it was another mind game like most of the build up to this rematch has felt but it’s actually true. (more…)

Nothing Cavalier About The City Of Cleveland!



Congratulation to the city of Cleveland for winning their first championship in 52 years. The decision, the letter and the injuries have been replaced with the legendary comeback, the block and the shot. The conclusion to the longest running drought for a city could not have been scripted any better. I’m not sure where the Warriors will go from here. It’s a pretty good chance that they will go from league darling to league punching bag in the coming season. It’s hard to see how they make it back to the finals next year if they have to go through Oklahoma City. (more…)

Congratulations, Daniel Suárez!



Over the weekend Daniel Suarez became the first Mexican born driver to win a NASCAR national series race. I am a man who knows his limitations and wont begin to pretend that I follow or know the intricacies of NASCAR but as they say, game recognize game!



Exclusive: Drumline Honoring Muhammad Ali In His Hometown For His Funeral

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NBA Superstar LeBron James Playing Horse

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